West Seattle Volunteer Recognition at Hi-Yu Concert in the Park

This group gathered at Hiawatha last night includes the first-ever West Seattle Volunteer Recognition recipients — Tim and Carol Winston of West Seattle Hi-Yu, youth mentor Marcus Stubblefield, co-chair Mike Dady of the North Delridge Neighborhood Council, presenters Erica Karlovits and Cindi Barker from the Southwest District Council (which co-sponsors WSVR with Delridge District Council and WSB), White Center Food Bank (among other organizations) volunteer Beth Grieser, Sustainable West Seattle‘s Bill Reiswig, and WestSide Baby‘s Nancy McDonnell. They received framed certificates and spirited applause during the announcement, made while the West Seattle Big Band took a quick break at the annual Hi-Yu Concert in the Park. From hereon out, Volunteer Recognition will happen twice a year – there are so many amazing people out there (these six were chosen from among 40 entries) that the supply of nominees we’ll never run low! More information about the recipients shortly – first, moments from the concert, starting with video of WSBB music (and the crowd):

We estimated the crowd at more than 200:

Fittingly for a family-friendly event, WestSide Baby was on hand – with reminders that this Sunday is the day to “Stuff the Bus” with diaper donations (10 am-2 pm at West Seattle Farmers’ Market)

And during another break in the music, the crowd heard from Hi-Yu royalty – the current Junior and Senior Court members, and Senior Court candidates (next Monday is the night you can watch to see who becomes the next Miss West Seattle Hi-Yu; the Junior Court is chosen this Friday; schedule here):

Now back to the Volunteer Recognition recipients. Read on for photos of each and the excerpts from the nominations that were read at last night’s event:

The original intent was to honor three each time around (we’re doing this twice a year). But the review committee said narrowing it down to just three was impossible, so they wound up selecting six. Actually seven, if you counted Tim and Carol Winston separately:

The Winstons were honored together for their tireless work on behalf of West Seattle Hi-Yu, and Cindi Barker swore it was just a coincidence the announcement came during a Hi-Yu event. Here’s the excerpt she read from the nomination for them (each photo below will be followed by a nomination excerpt – the writer, however, like the names of all those who submitted nominations, remains confidential):

Tim and Carol have been instrumental in the revitalization of WS Hi-Yu over the last two years. They both came back to fulfill key roles in the organization when the presidency role became vacant mid-year in 2007. Tim stepped in to be president and his wife Carol stepped in to chair major key committees – membership, souvenir booklet, and Senior Court Coordinator. Both have provided insight and assistance to other areas as well. Tim is currently very focused at generating revenue to purchase a Float Trailer for the award-winning float. With this trailer, the float can continue to survive the long distance journeys to other Community festivals where Hi-Yu proudly represents West Seattle. West Seattle Hi-Yu has the last Seattle community float, an honor we are very proud of. Without Tim and Carol and the dedication they have brought to Hi-Yu over the past years, many events could have disappeared. The wonderful, & beneficial Scholarship Program for the Hi-Yu court young ladies could have gone by the wayside. The float could possibly have become a ‘treasure spot for parts’ on Ebay, Tim and Carol are truly “Outstanding Community Volunteers.”

Then there’s Marcus Stubblefield, who mentors West Seattle youth and has worked with Safe Futures Youth Center and Southwest Community Center:

Marcus attends the graduations of all of the at-risk youth he has mentored through the years… Seattle Police officers from the Southwest Precinct often call on Marcus for advice and insight regarding some of the local gang members that he’s built relationships and rapport with throughout his 38 years of WS residency. Did you know that as a graduate of Chief Sealth High School, Marcus’ basketball jersey is retired in the school gym? Because basketball was such a major part of his West Seattle upbringing, he volunteers as a coach for Southwest Community Center. After putting in 50+ hours at week at his King County job, he frequently stops by at local sports events to show his support for West Seattle’s young athletes. Marcus strongly contributes to the vitality and heartbeat of our West Seattle youth. And for that, and so much more, we should all salute him.

Another honoree: Bill Reiswig, president of Sustainable West Seattle:

With persistence, even temperament, passion and good humor, Bill has led SWS through two successful festivals, leads the monthly membership and coordinating meetings and does outreach for the organization. He is currently leading the effort for the upcoming Eat Local Now event, partnering with CoolMom and Seattle BALLE. (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) He has sacrificed so much of his personal time and offered his talents as a graphic artist to many community efforts. Many people in West Seattle learn about sustainability, gardening, local food, and transportation issues that affect our region – and many are moved to action. Sustainable West Seattle wouldn’t be an organization without Bill’s passion and concern about our world and our community.

Working hard for WestSide Baby, Nancy McDonnell (at right, with Erica Karlovits):

Nancy McDonnell has been an all-star participant at WestSide Baby for over three years. In 2008 and 2009, she has dedicated almost 1150 hours of service, helping to keep children healthier, safer and happier. Despite medical constraints, Nancy volunteers almost every day, acting as both a leader and participant on the WestSide Baby team. Her caring nature and overwhelming dedication is hard to be matched! She is an inspiration to everyone who has the pleasure to be around her.

On behalf of the White Center Food Bank, among other organizations, Beth Grieser (at right, with Cindi Barker):

She is the vice chair of West Seattle Democratic Women and the Program Chair of the 34th District Democrats and is a volunteer with Southwest Youth and Family Services and the White Center Food Bank. On the political side of her activities, she has organized outstanding informational meetings to educate people about the political process, done fundraising, helped in the background wherever needed, organizing others, and supported candidates she feels strongly about. In her other activities. for the SW Youth & Family Services, she organizes donations and scholarships for youth. She and her husband volunteer monthly, and then some, at the White Center Food Bank, which serves a large part of southern West Seattle. She manages special evening services and gathers food, donations and volunteers. She not only works the lines herself, but she organizes others to help. Her heart is huge and sometimes it’s very hard for her emotionally, but this woman just keeps at it, a queen of the worker bees.

And co-chair of North Delridge Neighborhood Council, Mike Dady:

Mike has worked tirelessly to improve Delridge to make it a safer and more livable community. He has helped improve pedestrian safety, worked on Adopt A Street projects and brought to the attention of the City Council the problem of abandoned and neglected Delridge properties. Mike has helped motivate many community members to attend meetings and do something about the issues in Delridge. He has attended countless meetings and has picked up countless amounts of trash. If there were just a few more Mike Dady’s, this world would be a better place, but Delridge is lucky to have the one and only Mike!

Congratulations to the honorees; thank you to everyone who sent in nominations (and “way to go” to all the other nominees) and to those (volunteering, of course) who participated in reviewing those nominations and making WSVR happen! The next cycle will start in October, so watch WSB this fall for the announcement when it’s time. This Saturday, we’ve invited the recipients to walk in the West Seattle Grand Parade with the “West Seattle Volunteers” group that we’re presenting again this year, so if you missed last night’s concert, you get another chance to show your appreciation.

Side note: There’s more free outdoor music to enjoy at Hiawatha starting a week from tomorrow, as the first-ever Admiral Neighborhood Association-presented summer concert series (co-sponsored by WSB) kicks off Thursday, July 23, with Alma Villegas – 6:30 pm, b/y/o chair/blanket, see the full schedule (six Thursday nights, through late August!) at admiralneighborhood.org.

8 Replies to "West Seattle Volunteer Recognition at Hi-Yu Concert in the Park"

  • Meghan July 15, 2009 (6:48 am)

    How great! It’s about time people who do noble things like volunteer work were recognized. We give so much attention to politicians, sports figures and celebrities (even locally) while it’s often the “little people” doing things for others that really make the biggest differences in their communities!

  • Lisa K July 15, 2009 (8:26 am)

    Love reading about all these inspiring folks. Thank you all for all you do. A special “You ROCK!!” to Mike Dady. He is really a gift to our neighborhood, and we’ve got a lot of gems here.

  • Christi S July 15, 2009 (10:16 am)

    Congrats to all the nominees and honoreers. Special shout out to Beth Grieser. She’s the glue that holds many of the organizations together and is a tireless volunteers.

    Volunteers get little recogniation sometimes and this is a great way to do it!

  • Ann M July 15, 2009 (11:15 am)

    Congratulations and thanks to all the volunteers honored at this event, but a very warm thanks to Beth. Like Christi, I am always amazed at the quantity and quality of Beth’s work and involvement in her community. Thank you, Beth.

  • Peggy Abby July 15, 2009 (11:50 am)

    Last night was such a heart warming event, put on by a newly valuable part of our community fabric …… The West Seattle Blog!

    I loved hearing about the dedication and work of all these neighbors and our community members. I was so inspired by this event, the great music, happy picnickers and playful children, that on the my way walking home, about five blocks, I found a discarded plastic bag along my walk, and completely filled it with street and sidewalk trash by the time I got home to my trash can. It felt good like I was a working part of the whole, just from this happy event. We need more feel good events to motivate us all to contribute very small things that help make it better for us all.

    ….. Thanks West Seattle Blog!!!

  • WSB July 15, 2009 (12:04 pm)

    Thank you, Peggy. But we’re just a partner in this. We had been a partner in a previous attempt at volunteer recognition, involving a local merchant who has since had to turn her focus elsewhere, so a few months back, when some folks from the Southwest District Council had the idea to honor volunteers, they remembered those efforts and invited us to be involved. The Delridge District Council got involved too.
    It’s truly a community effort and the best part was the great response to the call for nominations. The lion’s share of our contribution os to publicize and report on this before, during and after – and to sponsor the parade entry too – we did not participate in the actual selection of “recipients” as these are organizations and people we frequently cover, but some great volunteers handled all that — TR

  • WSB July 15, 2009 (12:07 pm)

    … and I would be remiss not to add HUGE thanks to Hi-Yu for allowing the West Seattle Volunteer Recognition recipients to be announced during the Concert in the Park – the current plan is for the twice-yearly announcements to happen during major existing community events rather than trying to create some new events — there are already so many wonderful things going on around West Seattle (and yes, like Hi-Yu, most are presented and created by people who are volunteers themselves)! – TR

  • Lisa Plymate July 15, 2009 (2:33 pm)

    What a great event, and how good for the community to recognize its hard-working volunteers. A special shout-out to Beth Grieser, who is truly an inspiration in terms of the time she spends helping others. We are so fortunate to have all of these winners living and helping out in our area. Yes, we have beautiful beach and parks, but West Seattle/White Center/Burien are great places to live because of people like this! Hats off to all! Lisa P.

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