West Seattle beaches: Summer’s lowest tide, tomorrow

Thanks to those who shared photos from today’s low tide – and tomorrow will be even lower, the lowest of the summer, minus 3.9 just before noon. The starfish above and the tide explorers below are both courtesy of Amy; the crab is courtesy of Jim. All three photos were taken at Lincoln Park.

If you can make it out to the beach at midday tomorrow, you will find volunteer beach naturalists (here’s Seattle Aquarium info on the program) south of Alki Point and at Lincoln Park south of Colman Pool, from 10 am till 2 pm. P.S. Kevin points out that if you’re on a downtown-facing beach, there’s another sight to see: The cruise ship that’s in port at Pier 66 till Wednesday is The World, which isn’t just a vacation vessel – it actually sells “residences” on board.

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  • jseattle June 22, 2009 (11:12 pm)

    Just let me know when the first buzzbombers start casting at Lincoln Park. Going to be an amazing fishing summer. Trade you blogs for a few months?

  • WSB June 22, 2009 (11:20 pm)

    Ya know, I think the tidelands used to stretch almost all the way to the foot of Capitol Hill. If only we could turn back time … I am allergic to being more than a mile inland, unfortunately.

  • Machel Spence June 23, 2009 (10:09 am)

    We had so much fun yesterday at low tide and we are going down again today!

  • WSB June 23, 2009 (10:25 am)

    Barring breaking news, I’m covering this one myself too. If anything really interesting spotted, will send pic links to our Twitter feed, which you can see even if you aren’t a Twitter member, at

  • Vanessa C. June 23, 2009 (11:29 am)

    Wonderful!! Please be careful where you step. There are so many wonderful creatures just under our feet. There is a huge sand dollar “farm” just north of Mee Kaa Mooks (forgive me for not spelling it right) area. So you just can’t believe what might be just below your toes…The sand dollars that are all white have already died and the live one are the color of sand with a tiny hint of dark purple. Tread lightly and carry a big smile.

  • JayDee June 23, 2009 (12:24 pm)

    One year on a very low tide I was walking through the sand dollar farm (unknowingly) when I realized that there was problem as the sand dollars started crunching underfoot. I was in 4-feet of water, and had been trying to reach a mooring buoy.

    I took the shortest route out of there, and winced with every step I took. I am probably still paying off the karmic burden…

  • m. spence June 25, 2009 (10:54 pm)

    Went again today…had a blast with my daughter! m. spence


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