Skillet Street Food’s new Junction location: Olympic Court

We mentioned Thursday that after several Sundays in the Seattle Lutheran High School parking lot, and then no West Seattle service last Sunday, Skillet just announced a new WS spot starting this Sunday – in the same block of 44th SW as the West Seattle Farmers’ Market. Now we’ve gotten details (and the photo above) from Jon Davis at Westside Dermatology (WSB sponsor):

Skillet Street Food has found a new location at 4740 44th Ave SW in the Junction in front of the Olympic Court Building parking lot. The building is home to Westside Dermatology and is on the same block as the West Seattle Farmer’s Market… just a half block south. Olympic Court and Westside Dermatology hope Skillet can finally find a permanent home in West Seattle and encourage everyone in the neighborhood who hasn’t had a chance to try their delicious food this Sunday.

Just thought we’d confirm with you that Skillet WILL be in our parking lot this Sunday. Our agreement with them is for them to stay as many Sundays as they’d like. We’ve heard such great things about them and are so happy to have the opportunity to host them. I’ve enclosed a photo of our building in case people are wondering which parking lot on 44th it will be in.

11 am-2 pm on Sunday; the West Seattle Farmers’ Market, of course, is 10 am-2 pm. P.S. You’ll note on the Westside Dermatology website that WD is having a Summer Skin Care Fair on Saturday, July 11, during West Seattle Summer Fest.

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  • WSM June 12, 2009 (11:17 am)

    Don’t believe the hype… the food is cold, greasy, and stale. If you are looking for a good burger, try Zippy’s.

  • SN June 12, 2009 (12:02 pm)

    Why does the WSB put so much effort into promoting this transient operation?

  • WSB June 12, 2009 (12:08 pm)

    This isn’t promotion, it’s news. We had never even heard of them before the original announcement they wanted to find a West Seattle location – and this is one of the topics that’s generated the most interest lately of anything among the diverse array of topics we cover. When we get multiple notes asking questions about something, it’s a pretty good indication it’s worth a mention – whether it’s a law enforcement helicopter overhead, a date for a design review board meeting, or the location/status of a mobile food operation. If they change locations, it’s news. If the Health Department shuts them down (last week’s story), it’s news. When they spent several weeks at the same location, it was a calendar item. We have a virtually infinite amount of space for news and information here and continue to expand what we cover – TR

  • Vanessa June 12, 2009 (12:26 pm)

    To eats his own……..

  • KT June 12, 2009 (12:52 pm)

    “Transient operation”? Wow, isn’t that what “street food” is all about? Every major city has a vibrant street food scene except this one. Everyone has an opinion, and my opinion is that the food offered is top notch. I have never been disappointed.

  • cleat June 12, 2009 (1:34 pm)

    Oh Vanessa … that was GOOD!! Thanks for this afternoon’s laugh!!!

  • JenV June 12, 2009 (2:16 pm)

    I was somewhat underwhelmed by Skillet, and don’t think I will be back. We waited an hour for a burger that was RED in the middle, not a nice shade of pink. And it was cold. The bun was excellent, but that’s not enough to warrant going back. We also noticed that they transport food uncovered in the back of a car to the Skillet site…eww.

  • schwaggy June 12, 2009 (2:57 pm)

    Others will disagree but WOW – I’m so tired of hearing about this monstrosity on wheels. To be fair, I’ve given just about everything on their menu a try. Totally unimpressed.
    Better burgers can be had around the West Side, Zippy’s being number one IMO. I know they are more expensive but the burgers at Shadowland and Circa are far tastier. Sure, there’s the whole “street food” thing. Whatever. The chicken was dry and lacking any flavor. Fries are a greasy mess and the poutine made me want to hack. I think I had some sort of pork too – must have been bad ‘cause I don’t remember it. Seriously, I wanted to like this place! Skillet is bland, boring, and expensive for what you get. I won’t be back and most of my neighbors agree.

  • Admiral Janeway June 12, 2009 (6:40 pm)

    I’ve been to Skillet twice. The food was fine but not worth the wait.
    In the category of expensive burgers, I think Spring Hill has the best burger in WS.

  • Frances June 12, 2009 (6:52 pm)

    It’s news because a few local businesses and a particular individual have worked very hard to keep The Skillet out of the Alaska Junction area. Instead of embracing something new ‘n’ funky for the Alaska Junction Business Area–that just might bring MORE PEOPLE and MORE CUSTOMERS–the shortsighted few decided to kick locals’ wants to the curb. I was looking for a dermatologist and this just sealed the deal. Westside Dermatology–thanks for giving the greater community what they wanted.

  • zero-to-life in West Seattle June 12, 2009 (7:40 pm)

    Dr Arntzen is a super doctor and a great community member.

  • ljd June 12, 2009 (8:00 pm)

    omg, my dermatologist saved skillet! that is hilarious. haven’t tried skillet’s food yet but will totally be there this sunday! strange how strongly some people are against this cute little thing when you consider how few hours it operates in WS.

  • Eddie June 12, 2009 (8:26 pm)

    Man how they’ll complain when they find out that Skillet food causes zits. Conspiricy theory!

  • jeannie June 13, 2009 (1:24 am)

    Thank you, Westside Dermatology! They’re good people. Eddie, that was funny.

  • grr June 13, 2009 (9:10 am)

    indeed…sorry that the people involved with the Dentist Office Debacle couldn’t get their crap together. Glad to see Dr. Arntzen stepping up, and (I assume) telling the Junction Association to bugger off..

    I’ve been twice. had some pretty tasty food. And, as far as burgers go…I think Rocksport burgers beat the hell out of Zippy. just my opinion.

  • growl June 14, 2009 (5:09 pm)

    Worst 5 worried and stirring the pot again. Didn’t Worst 5 learn from the first time it tried to stop Skillet. Self interests on the WSJA.

  • BB June 14, 2009 (6:18 pm)

    I do wish Zippy’s was open on Sundays… For some reason I am always thinking about a Zippy Burger Sunday afternoon. I was SUPER excited about Skillet but only thought it was ok (been 2x). It is an AWESOME street fair or convenience (ie non-WS’ites cruising the area) but not a destination. They would KILL IT on Alki if they could find space, I suspect it will go well by the market.

  • grr June 15, 2009 (12:46 am)

    BB…seriously…swing into Rocksport on any sunday and grab a burger. You won’t be disappointed. And during Seahawks season, it’s Face Painter Central. Elaine would be proud.

  • BB June 15, 2009 (7:37 am)

    Nothing against Rocksport but its just too dark for lunchtime for me (I am wierd that way)

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