Southwest District Council #1: Junction Plaza Park update

First of our reports from last night’s meeting of the Southwest District Council (WSB sponsor) — more progress in the final stage of transforming the grassy site on the northwest corner of 42nd/Alaska into Junction Plaza Park. Erica Karlovits of the Junction Neighborhood Association and Susan Melrose of the West Seattle Junction Association had updates for the SWDC: First, Friends of Junction Plaza Park has applied for $98,000 in city matching-funds money, and has submitted commitments of $98,000 in donated money and time as the potential match, with more than 155 organizations and individuals represented among the pledges. The long-in-the-works park project needs $350,000 total for completion. It is one of two “large projects” submitted from the Southwest District for city grant consideration – the other is the Duwamish Longhouse Ecological Arts Project, seeking $100,000. If all the funding is secured, park construction could start this fall and be done by year’s end. There’s talk of a potential park-fundraiser beer garden in the park area during West Seattle Summer Fest, which is coming up July 10-12. If you want to help with the Junction Plaza Park effort, contact info is on the official website at (Previous coverage of the park-development effort is archived here, newest to oldest.)

5 Replies to "Southwest District Council #1: Junction Plaza Park update"

  • old timer May 7, 2009 (10:13 am)

    Good grief -$350,000 to ‘park’ a 60′ x 100′ lot?
    And from the looks of it, they will replace the bright green grass currently occupying the space with paving.
    BTW, that idealized drawing is WAY out of scale.

  • love it May 7, 2009 (12:56 pm)

    Looks great, so excited about this. It would be gift to the community. That amount seems like a lot but I am assuming its for the benches etc. Plants/trees are expensive but not that expensive especially if wholesale. Maybe more elaboration on tht cost?

  • neighborly May 7, 2009 (2:39 pm)

    Let’s hope that when they plant the trees they hire someone with more training than the Ercolini Park landscpers had. Nearly half of those trees are dead, one year after being planted. Do you think they guarantee their work, and will replace them for free?

  • Courtney May 7, 2009 (9:33 pm)

    As I live directley above this park (in Campbell building on corner overlooking it) I can agree the concept drawing is WAY out of scale.

    I also hope all the grass stays, not removing half if it to pave. We don’t need pavement and cement benches. A couple of trees added does not make up for the nice grassy lawn. We’ve had picnic lunch there and I guarantee I won’t be doing that sitting on cement benches on paved walkways if that goes in.

  • sea-sea May 9, 2009 (7:55 am)

    These days you can put any astronomical price on anything…what? you say? The neighborhood needs a new water fountain? That’s going to be 3.2 million if there are no added costs between now and for-ever!!! It’s nice to actually have some type of a gathering place “park” but really now.. prices sure have gone up haven’t they? Furthermore, if they intend to spend that much..make it look GOOD!!! leave enough grass and how about travertine stone instead of ugly concrete. Perhaps a small fountain in a corner to drown out the traffic going by.. and some trees of course.

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