From Admiral Neighborhood Assoc.: California Place Park update

Another update from last night’s Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting: Almost a month after the third and final “design workshop” for potential changes to California Place Park, ANA heard the latest from a leader of Friends and Neighbors of North Admiral, the group that obtained a city grant to develop design ideas for the small park next to Admiral Church. Ann Limbaugh said landscape architect Karen Kiest is still working on her “final report” but that’s expected by month’s end. Meantime, FANNA is continuing to meet to discuss “what the right next steps are … for moving the project forward.” (The $15,000 city grant only paid for design work; more fundraising would be needed for any work to actually be done to the park – even the cheapest change envisioned in what was shown at last month’s meeting – as reported here – could cost $80,000.) According to Limbaugh, the current consensus is to “take a bit of a break … and let things settle in the neighborhood a little bit” before resuming discussions “in a month or two.” Park-change opponent Dennis Ross, also at last night’s meeting, asked Limbaugh, “How do the 700 people opposed to (park changes) figure into your plans?” (That number refers to signatures on a petition circulated by park-change opponents – here’s our archived coverage of the controversy, newest to oldest.) She replied, “There are a lot of people who think it’s a great idea – and worth moving forward,” and he countered, “And we have 700 people who don’t,” before the discussion moved on. Limbaugh also mentioned that FANNA is continuing to plan a celebration, to be held in the next month or so, in honor of everyone who participated in the process so far.

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  • homesweethome May 13, 2009 (12:54 pm)

    Its amazing – a proposed new playspace in Admiral is fought by now 700 (???) residents and yet on Delridge a new playground is met with enthusiasm, community support and probable completion by July. I think the residents of Admiral need to take a hard look at themselves and ask what kind of neighborhood is being promoted here – and yes I live here. But I certainly get the feeling, that other neighborhoods around West Seattle are more friendly to families. I hope the folks at FANNA keep up their efforts.

  • Ann Limbaugh May 13, 2009 (12:58 pm)

    Based on what I’ve heard from many neighbors, people signed the petition Mr. Ross refers to because they were told things like, the trees will be cut down/harmed, a giant plastic play structure will be erected, a giant sand pit will replace the current park all of which are NOT TRUE, nor have they ever been considerations. If I had been told these things, I would have signed his petition as well!
    The truth is that many people in the neighborhood never even knew this area was a public park and welcome the idea of creating an inviting community space.
    The truth is that many who shout “No Change”, have actually contributed constructive ideas about how to improve the usability of the park – things like reclaim the north cap of the park that is currently asphalt (save our green space has been a recurrent theme in nearly every discussion), add ADA ramps for improved access, add seating and historical markers. So thank you to everyone who has contributed ideas.
    We expect to have the date for our celebration and volunteer appreciation in the park soon and will get the information out as soon as things are finalized.

  • Donna May 13, 2009 (4:41 pm)

    Everyone I’ve talked to that signed the petition now approves of a park there in some form. As Ann says, they were misinformed or misled.

  • JanS May 14, 2009 (12:04 am)

    Unfortunately, most of the neighborhood north of SW Admiral Way is known to the rest of WS as the “snootier”, “snobbier” are of our peninsula. There is an attitude of “we’re different than you”, “we’re better than you”…that there’s no crime, that regular folks just can’t afford to live there. It’s time that this part of WS (I’m just south of SW Admiral Way) starts to understand that some change can be good. The sketches of what is proposed are terrific, in my opinion..and it could be the showcase of the area, if you et it. I think Mr. Ross needs to take a deep look into his mirror, into his soul, and ask himself what he’s really afraid of if this little plot of (right now unused) land changes into that beautiful park.

    just my .02 !

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