At Parks Levy Committee meeting: More possible P-Patches

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We’re at the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Oversight Committee meeting, awaiting a discussion of whether the committee will go along with the Skatepark Advisory Committee‘s recommendation to transfer money to the Delridge Skatepark project, from the unpopular-with-neighbors Myrtle Reservoir Skatespot proposal. In the meantime, we’ve heard some West Seattle news – starting with four possible P-Patches that might be funded with the $2 million “community garden” funds coming from the levy – including the site shown in Google Street View above, 34th/Barton. We reported three months ago that this 12,000-square-foot site at 34th/Barton, just east of the Exxon/Propel station, had been identified as “surplus” by the city, and comments were being sought regarding what to do with it. Many people in the comment thread following our report suggested using it as community garden/P-Patch land — and that’s exactly what’s under consideration now. The three other West Seattle sites mentioned for possible acquisition were the West Seattle Christian Church site that already is being turned into the Genesee P-Patch (which just won a Neighborhood Matching Fund $15,000 grant, by the way), a parcel in High Point, and California Place Park (we’ll be following up, but we believe they mean the “southern triangle” discussed in the recent design workshops as a possible garden site). More on these as they move through the process, and more from this meeting when the skatepark funding decision’s in. ADDED 12:52 AM: Read on for a few more details on these 4 West Seattle P-Patch sites, from the document made available at Tuesday night’s meeting:

The 34th/Barton site would cost $26,685 to develop into a P-Patch, according to the city spreadsheet, which lists its “approximate start date” as “unknown.” Less uncertainty for the California Place Park site, indeed the “Southern Triangle” per the location description of Hill/Ferry/44th, with the same development cost, $26,685. This could start in November, says the document.

A lower cost is listed for development of the proposed High Point site, at MacArthur/Juneau, $9,415 with a possible start date in October. And $19,984 development costs are envisioned for the WSCC/Genesee site, which the document notes started this summer.

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  • Been here a long time May 28, 2009 (8:40 pm)

    Love p-patches.
    It’s a great way to know the neighbors and eat healthy.
    I always loose a few pounds during soil prep season.
    Hoeing, mowing and sowing.
    With some of the P-Patches,
    the excess produce helps the Food Bank.
    I hope that’s the case with these new ones.

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