Also from Alki Community Council: “Summer Streets” day update

The police discussion detailed here (with more to come later today) took up most of the Alki Community Council‘s meeting last night, but there also was a quick update on Celebrate Seattle Summer Streets,” formerly known as Car-Free Day, coming to Alki 9 am-5 pm Sunday, May 31st – one week from this Sunday. As we’ve mentioned before, the first part of the day involves the first-ever West Seattle 5K (WSB sponsor) – a run/walk to raise money for local public schools (register here). Then, from roughly noon till 5 pm, Alki will be open for walkers, runners, bicyclists, skateboarders, etc., between 63rd SW and California Way – a few blocks longer, on the east end, than last year:

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The city spokesperson at Thursday night’s meeting said that like last year, a lane would be open for “residents-only” motorized traffic. He also said no one would be towed (as was the case last year – warnings were issued early in the day and ultimately most violating vehicles cleared out). The list of planned activities and displays continues to lengthen – you can see it on the official event website. A couple Alki residents noted resignedly at the Thursday night meeting that while the waterfront boulevard itself may be mostly “car-free,” people still drive to get to the event, and fill up side-street parking as a result.

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  • Sue May 22, 2009 (7:01 am)

    I agree with the resident who said while it’s “car free,” people still ride to the event. If there was reliable, regular bus service to Alki from anywhere in West Seattle on a Sunday, I’d be more than happy to take a bus there.
    I just used the trip planner, starting at Alaska & Fauntleroy at 9am. Other than the water taxi (which holds few people), the other 2 options are a 1 hour trip on 2 buses in WS, or – this is a good one – a FIVE hour trip, going to White Center on one bus. Then downtown. Then up to 85th Street! Then a bus to Alki. I can drive there in 15 minutes. I’m a huge advocate of walking and buses, and this is just a no-brainer that I’d take a car instead of the bus in this instance.

  • miws May 22, 2009 (8:16 am)

    Sue, I like that 5 hour bus ride option! ;)


    I had a similar experience with Trip Planner a few years ago. I can’t remember all the details, but I think I may have been wanting to get from my place in the Morgan Junction, down to somewhere on Alki.


    The first two options made sense, but the third had me doing something like catching the inbound 22 across from my apt, riding on out to Ballard, I believe to the end of the line, as the 15 or 18, coming back to downtown, or maybe even 23 & Spokane in WS, and then probably catching the 37 or 53. Total trip time, 4.5 hours! :o


    I sent a message via the link on the Trip Planner page, thinking it was a glitch, and laughlingly explained what happened. The Metro person wrote back, saying it wasn’t a glitch per se, just that Trip Planner is programmed to always come up with three itinerary options, so, if there’s basically only one or two simple ones, it’ll come up with others that are really bizarre! :D



  • austin May 22, 2009 (8:20 am)

    From Alaska & Fauntleroy, Alki beach is an easy 15-20 minute bike ride depending on which route you take.

  • marty May 22, 2009 (9:48 am)

    I heard a lot of talk about what a “huge success” this event was last year. I live on Alki ave and I thought that the number of people taking advantage of the opportunity did not justify the cost. Police overtime, posting signs, picking up signs, mailing info, pickup/return/rent for sani-cans. I’m sure it cost thousands! As a resident, I really enjoyed the peace and quiet. Maybe more people will show up this year.

  • lorax May 22, 2009 (6:10 pm)

    Alki is a wonderful walk from the Junction, whether you go by way of Admiral or Beach Drive.

  • sam May 22, 2009 (7:57 pm)

    I agree with Sue- I don’t get why these are on Sunday, when bus service is not very good.
    and not all of us are so lucky to live within walking distance, Junction or not :)

    It’s a do-able and nice bike ride though!!

  • noreaster May 22, 2009 (10:04 pm)

    I disagree with Sue and believe she was a little to quick to point fingers at one of the largest bus systems in the U.S. It’s Sunday, of course bus service is limited. Half the world shuts down on Sunday. And as far as “reliable, regular bus service to Alki” is concerned, it does exist. The buses run a schedule, thus regular, and rarely break down, therefore reliable. The term she is most likely looking for is frequent. Unfortunately service is less frequent on Sunday, so that’s where doing a little research comes in handy. As others have mentioned, a bike ride is a great idea, but going up that hill is never any fun. Sue mentions the Water Taxi as being the number one option from the regional trip planner, however holding few people; we must first realize that she is referring to the shuttle route 773 traveling from Alaska Junction to Seacrest Park. And we must certainly mention, as she failed to do, that this shuttle ride is FREE! Of course the other options in the trip planner are a little strange, due to the lack of bus service on Sundays. But it’s just a computer program helping you to plan your trip. A little extra effort on our part is well worth it. In the 5 hours you spent taking a bus to White Center, to downtown, to NW 85th St. and then all the way to Alki, you could have waited for and boarded one of 11 shuttle runs, which again I mention, is FREE!. Then of course if you didn’t want to walk from Seacrest down to the Alki strip, you could always get on the 775 shuttle and continue from Seacrest up and over Admiral and down to Alki.
    Sorry for the attack, but I’d hope if you truly wanted to make it a car free day for yourself, you’d consider one of these options.

  • sam May 23, 2009 (8:49 am)

    The limited bus service, for example, would be the route 37, which does not run on Sunday. On a Saturday, I could catch that down near the Chelan cafe, making my bus ride to Alki relatively easy (only one transfer) and fast (for taking the bus).

    but, if I plug in the info into trip planner to go on a Sunday, I got the message, “#20007- Trip not possible”, not even any 2 hour bus trips like Sue.

    some people are not physically able to walk or bike there, and the lack of bus service would encourage them to drive close to Alki and walk (or not go at all), which is not the concept that the car-free day tries to promote.

    and the FREE ROUTE 773 SHUTTLE !!
    does not go by everyone in West Seattle

  • Outside The Asylum May 23, 2009 (9:44 am)

    If don’t live near Alki, or you’re not physically able to walk or bike, or you refuse to take the bus due to convenience or entitlement issues, consider staying home that day. There will be plenty of days this summer during which you will be able to drive your precious car to Alki.

  • glad I'm not near the asylum May 23, 2009 (10:18 am)

    Thanks OTA I plan on taking my bike.

    I wasn’t talking about any entitlement issues, I was bclarifying the point of why people say the bus service isn’t great for Sundays vs other days.

    people who are 7 months pregnant might not like the idea of biking, walking, or a 1+ hour bus ride. though, on a sunday, you might get a seat. (as opposed to other days when people actually look at 7 month pregnant lady standing in the aisle and don’t bother to give up their seat)

    nobody’s saying anyone’s entitled to any bus service, or car. and yes there will be plenty of days to enjoy Alki.

  • Been here a long time May 23, 2009 (5:53 pm)

    If you take the 55 bus up California, (North)
    to the last stop on California and 44th street, walk 3 blocks in to the neighborhood to Sunset and then walk south 3 house lots… down the hill (nice view)… you will be at the beach. Or take the 55 to Admiral, walk down to Schmidt’s park and walk through the park… it let’s out at the whale tale.
    The 55 runs on Sunday’s
    From the junction the bus should take 12-17 minutes.
    The walk depends on the person.

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