Finding education $: Governor’s K-12, community-college plans

With one of Seattle’s community-college campuses here in West Seattle, we wanted to let you know about Governor Gregoire’s new proposal for raising education money — she’s proposing an up-to-7% tuition hike for community colleges, up to 14% for universities, and a levy-lid lift for K-12 public-school districts including Seattle – here’s the official news release:

Gov. Chris Gregoire today urged legislators to consider two
proposals to provide funding to the state’s K-12 and higher education

“I will not walk away from our longstanding commitment to K-12 or higher
education,” Gregoire said. “Education is the lifeblood of this state’s
economy and the path to a better future for our children.”

Gregoire is asking state legislators to temporarily lift the levy lid
for the K-12 education system, freeing up $68 million a year for local
school districts.

“This is money voters have already approved, but can’t be collected
because it exceeds the levy limit,” Gregoire said. “Allowing districts
to access the funding their voters have already authorized will help
many districts to keep programs intact.”

Gregoire said the approved funds would offset difficult cuts to
education programs during these challenging times. She added that 75
school districts across the state would benefit from temporarily lifting
the levy lid. Those districts are listed at

Gregoire also proposes to give governing boards the authority to approve
a maximum 14 percent tuition increase for the public four-year
universities and a maximum 7 percent increase for the community and
technical colleges.

“This is not the time to falter on this state’s long commitment to a
world-class system of public higher education,” Gregoire said. “The
recession will end. In the meantime, we can’t inflict damage on our
universities and colleges. It takes years to assemble talented
professors, build programs and offer excellent education. We simply
can’t afford – especially now – to deny thousands of students access to
higher education. And we can’t afford to lay off thousands of faculty
and staff and lose programs vital to our state’s future.”

Gregoire acknowledged that students and families will have to sacrifice,
but added President Obama and Congress have significantly increased
financial aid, which will offset the effects of higher tuition.

3 Replies to "Finding education $: Governor's K-12, community-college plans"

  • PDieter April 7, 2009 (1:48 pm)

    the GET program continues to look good…17% is a pretty sweet return these days

  • Katherine April 8, 2009 (3:35 pm)

    Good Lord,

    Why doesnt she Just Fund the damn thing without Making us pay more Quit Building all the other un-necessary crap like a Tunnel and Use the Money For Schools Our Childrens Education should Come 1st and Formost
    there shouldnt be anything else more important The roads Heck we already have the Highest Gas tax which is supposed to pay for them.

    I say Quit Spending WHAT WE DONT HAVE and spend what we do
    If the money runs out do what we all do
    Wait until we have the money
    I have to tell Ya
    If my check book says 0 I dont continue to spend Do you???

    Just a thought..

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