Monday midmorning notes: 1 for now, 2 for later, 1 question

RIGHT NOW: Chief Sealth PTSA is asking for help getting the Chief Sealth-Cleveland basketball game chosen as channel 7’s “Game of the Week.” Take a sec to go to this page and vote (in the right sidebar).

TWO REMINDERS FOR SATURDAY: Daylight Saving Time kicks in Saturday night/Sunday morning, 2 am (set your clocks an hour forward). Third year it’s been this early. That happens hours after the first Winter Movies on the Wall showing: The next three Saturday nights, West Seattle Junction merchants (and other co-sponsors including WSB) present an indoor winter version of the popular summer movie series. Free! Inside the huge new West Seattle Christian Church activity center, on 42nd south of Genesee (map), doors open 5:30, “The Mummy” starts at 7; here’s the official site.

QUESTION (added 10:49 am): We’ve now received two reports of a “weird, loud whooshing noise” late last night – both from east of California, south of Admiral. No clue what it was but both notes are from quite reliable sources, so we’ve no doubt SOMETHING was heard. If you have any idea, please post a comment or e-mail us, – thanks!

7 Replies to "Monday midmorning notes: 1 for now, 2 for later, 1 question"

  • JanS March 2, 2009 (12:19 pm)

    I was wondering how far east of Calif. Ave., and how far south of Admiral. I’m on 42nd just east of Safeway, and about a half block south of Admiral. I didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary, and I was up until about 1:30am. Safeway does parking lot cleaning sometimes with a truck with brushes, sometimes with what sounds like a pressure washer…you never know what they might have been doing…is that a possibility?

  • WSB March 2, 2009 (12:20 pm)

    I have one 37th/Hinds and one “behind Charlestown Cafe” – TR

  • Roger March 2, 2009 (12:53 pm)

    Batman? or Larger? Pterodactyl?

    I’m intrigued & will keep an eye on this thread. Curiosity, ya know…

  • E.Twin March 2, 2009 (1:00 pm)

    We’re at 39th & Hinds…my husband heard it and ran out onto the front porch to see a black mercedes going west on Hinds dragging something underneath/behind it. Incredibly loud/weird noise!!! Woke me up from a sound sleep.

  • WSB March 2, 2009 (2:50 pm)

    Thanks, E … we may never know WHAT the Mercedes was dragging but at least that puts to rest a good portion of the potentially wacky speculation … TR

  • carrieann March 2, 2009 (3:48 pm)

    E.Twin: We’re on 42nd & Andover and heard that, too! I was sitting there indulging in a little Sunday night guilty pleasure (watching “Big Love”) and wondered what the heck was making such a loud and bizarre noise. Peeked out the window and caught the tail lights, but didn’t see what it was dragging.

  • GenHillOne March 3, 2009 (9:08 am)

    I think voting for the KIRO game of the week ends at noon today. Sealth has a healthy lead, but there aren’t a ton of votes overall. It would be a shame if a few classrooms went online this morning and stole the opportunity :) If you have a chance to follow the link and cast a vote, it would be great to lock it up and show support for the guys!

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