Hey, bidder, bidder: More info on a West Seattle auction

Thanks to Beel for pointing out that the items Seattle Public Schools will auction here in West Seattle this Saturday are now catalogued and shown on the auctioneer’s website (even musical instruments!). Here’s the starting page. The auction starts at 9 am Saturday (with preview time at 8 am) at the currently vacant EC Hughes building, 7734 34th SW (map).

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  • MaryT March 11, 2009 (9:34 am)

    I used to have Hobart as a client. Those mixers last FOREVER.

  • Jim March 11, 2009 (12:01 pm)

    I never understand why I’m working so hard to donate money for musical instruments for West Seattle public schools, while the district continually auctions them off.

  • WSB March 11, 2009 (12:02 pm)

    Now THAT is an interesting question. Will see what the district says.

  • MargL March 11, 2009 (12:27 pm)

    Jim, I had the exact same thought! I just donated cash to that Rotary Music4Life program and was feeling duped with violins being auctioned off. Then I looked at the pictures of the instruments – violins and violas with missing strings and parts, a container full of trashed trumpets, a saxophone with parts missing… I’m thinking the instruments are barely worth the pieces and the school district would rather ask for cash for new ones than spend the money to repair the ones that have been used to death by the kids.

  • pam March 11, 2009 (12:53 pm)

    we’ve been to a number of the ssd auctions. The instruments are generally in pretty tough shape and those that are bidding on them seem to be people who are interested in repairing and restoring, I’m sure a time consumming hobby though profitable if they decide to sell them later. If you want to donate instruments to schools I would contact Toni Reineke or a school music teacher and find out what they need and if they can really use what you have.

    p.s. quit reminding people about the auction, I like it better when there’s not many people there to bid against!!!! ha-ha

  • Jim March 11, 2009 (5:10 pm)

    I would feel better knowing that Rotary at least had a chance at these instruments before they went to auction. Some of the tech schools in the area with instrument repair classes were always looking for projects to learn with too. Toni has my email as do many of the other teachers in the area.

    I always think of the book a friend bought at the friends of the library sale for me. He paid $1.75 for it, I had it appraised for $400.00. I hope someone looked at these instruments. The trombone I just bought came out of an elementary school program. It is an original silver plated OLDS in near perfect condition, and is probably 90 years old.

  • WSB March 12, 2009 (12:40 pm)

    Here’s the reply from SPS media: “As stated on our auction web site, most of the “instruments” are parts, or instruments are worn beyond repair. We do not auction off usable instruments.” – TR

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