Be a ray of hope for “The Sunshine Fund,” to help survivors

Sarah Bonzer e-mailed today to ask if we’d share a request that she in turn is sharing on behalf of her friend and co-worker, Katie Hogan; both of them live in West Seattle – that’s a candid photo of Katie at left, sent after we asked Sarah for one to go with this story. Before reading Katie’s request, you should hear what Sarah has to say about her friend Katie:

Katie was diagnosed with advanced cancer three years ago and I’ll never forget the day she made the announcement in our conference room at work. You don’t wish something like this on anyone, let alone a woman in her thirties with a young daughter and husband who has survived his own bout with cancer. Katie is one of the gentlest, most caring, considerate and hard working individuals you’ll ever meet. My life is better for having known her during this time, if that is at all possible. Sadly, Katie likely won’t live a full life like the rest of us. Yet in her final years, she stays committed to organizations such as the one she describes below which have supported her during this journey.

The organization is called the Young Survival Coalition; its Seattle branch has less than $40 left in its “Sunshine Fund.” Sarah says even $10 would be a big help – but you don’t have to take her word for it; read Katie’s note, by clicking ahead:

Hello Friends and Family,

All of you know that I’ve been in on-going cancer treatment for a while now (3+ years and thankfully still here). For most of that time, I’ve been part of an amazing support group called the Young Survival Coalition that helps young women diagnosed under 40 work through issues like managing careers with cancer treatment, infertility and adoption issues, ramifications of medically-induced early menopause, helping young children deal with fears about a parent with cancer, etc.

Here’s a link if you have a moment…

Our Seattle Chapter maintains a small account we call The Sunshine Fund, which is used to help our members in many ways:

* Welcome gift for first-time members newly diagnosed
* Cards or gifts for love and encouragement thru surgeries, breast reconstruction, hospitalization, end of treatment celebration
* Cards or gifts for survival anniversary dates (1yr, 3yr, 5yr, etc)
* Housecleaning supplies when we go to a members’ house and clean if they are not well enough
* Remembrance memorial gift for the family of a sister who has lost the battle

Our Sunshine Fund is painfully low right now (under $40 left), so I’m asking if you’ll consider donating a few dollars to help us grow our fund as we’re bringing on new members at an alarming rate this year. We’ve supported the fund ourselves until recently, but our existing members are tapped out finally :)

Just $10.00 – $15.00 will go a long way ! Trust me, we’re GOOD at stretching a dollar ! 100% of your donation goes straight to our breast cancer sisters that need it, there are no administrative fees, all our work is 100% volunteer and managed by our own members.

To donate you can go to PayPal at
Click on the tab “Send Money”
Enter e-mail address (Carrie is our fund secretary)
Enter your e-mail address
Enter amount you want to donate
Click on Service/Other box

You can also send a check via postal mail to Katie Hogan, 8023 California Avenue SW, Seattle 98136.

Meantime – the Young Survival Coalition has a compelling video on its website – you can watch it here too, if you didn’t see it there:

6 Replies to "Be a ray of hope for "The Sunshine Fund," to help survivors"

  • sam March 5, 2009 (8:26 am)

    Do you have an address to send a check for those of us who are trying not to use credit cards, and don’t want to put debit card numbers out into the internet?

    the website link in the article leads to a national address to send a check, but I’m guessing they need these donations locally.

  • WSB March 5, 2009 (9:38 am)

    Thanks, Sam. I will check with Sarah – the forwarded e-mail from Katie included a street address but I didn’t know if they wanted that published to thousands – will add here whatever I find … TR

  • Angela March 5, 2009 (10:24 am)

    West Seattle is blessed to have women like you in our community. Good luck in your fundraising efforts!

  • WSB March 5, 2009 (12:08 pm)

    Postal mail/checks can go to Katie Hogan at 8023 California Ave SW, Seattle 98136 (also added to the post) – TR

  • dinahmite March 5, 2009 (1:34 pm)

    Perhaps we can work together to create a fundraising event.

    Please contact me:
    Dinah Brein
    Admiral Theater

  • Katie Hogan March 8, 2009 (3:33 pm)

    Thank you more than I can say to all of you, we’re still in shock to see how people have rallied to the call with such generosity. I’ll try to keep everyone posted on progress so you’ll see how your donations are being allocated. Our YSC group is so grateful for your help – THANK YOU !!

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