West Seattle Crime Watch: Followup on the lottery-ticket heist

If you were here over the weekend, you may recall quite the lively discussion following our report on a Sunday morning robbery at the Fauntleroy/Alaska 76 station. Some participants in the discussion mentioned hoping more details would become available, so we’ve been watching for the police report to be released. We obtained it late last night, and the details reveal this robbery was even more serious than we were told that day – read on:

After first word of the robbery on Sunday morning, thanks to a tipster who has shared news here before, we went to the store, where police were gone but staff shared bare-bones details – someone got behind the counter, grabbed a bunch of lottery tickets, and fled. At the precinct last night, we were able to download the media-accessible copy of the police report, which tells a more frightening tale. Here is verbatim transcription of the officer’s narrative:

I was dispatched to investigate a strong-armed robbery where the suspect jumped over the counter, took scratch lottery tickets, $400 from the cash register and the cordless phone to prevent the clerk from calling the police. Before leaving, the suspect told the clerk that he would kill her if she called the police. The clerk called 911 using her cellphone after the suspect left the store. He was last seen leaving on foot headed eastbound on SW Alaska St.

After I arrived at the store, the clerk reported that the suspect, who had a scarf around his face and gloves on his hands, came through the door and headed straight for the counter. She reported he jumped over the counter and said open the register, I need money, while he was grabbing the scratch lottery tickets from underneath the counter. She reported that she told him she didn’t have any money and he hit a button on the cash register. It caused the cash register to jam. He then told her to open the register or he would kill her. … the register opened and the suspect took the money out of the register. The estimated amount taken was $400. She reported that before leaving he took the cordless phone from behind the counter and told her he’d kill her if she called the police. She reported that the suspect left the scene on foot. She did not see or hear a vehicle.

The description of the robber written up in the report is close to what was in our report on Sunday — Asian male, probably in his 20s, 5-5, slim, jeans, black sweatshirt. The store was believed to have video of the robbery.

5 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Followup on the lottery-ticket heist"

  • Irukandji February 11, 2009 (11:03 am)

    Terrifying for the clerk. Thanks for ongoing follow-up.

  • Lola February 11, 2009 (3:11 pm)

    Yes thanks for the follow-up. I think having the description does help, I hope they catch him soon.

  • Garden_nymph February 11, 2009 (10:13 pm)

    Thank you WSB for informing us as soon after the robbery occurred so that we could all be on the look out for the suspect as well as this follow up. I too hope this person is caught soon.

  • 99933 February 12, 2009 (9:11 am)

    Thank God she wasn’t injured or killed. These clerks are putting their lives on the line when they go to work – especially now.

  • Kate McA February 12, 2009 (7:19 pm)

    It is such a shame that people have to be afraid to go to work. I’m so glad she is safe now.

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