Elvis lives! — thanks in part to West Seattle’s Bret Wiggins

Photo sent to us by Marlow Harris, along with this explanation:

West Seattle resident and licensed architect Bret Wiggins has had a lifelong dream to channel the King and does so at every opportunity. He’ll get a chance to do so again this Saturday at the 2009 12th Annual Elvis Invitationals.

Bret is from West Seattle, and has a wife, Judy and 3 boys. They all know about 100 Elvis songs (they have to put up with dad singing in the shower..) Bret has been doing Elvis since he was a teenager (he’s now 47) and it has just become a very fun hobby. He does a tribute show for friends and family and occasionally for special parties or events. On several occasions he has done Elvis at auctions for fundraising, but he’s not giving up the day job, so to speak. He is a licensed architect from Seattle and has been in the design field for nearly 25 years, currently working at Callison. Bret placed 3rd in this competition 2 years ago and would love to win it this time!

The Elvis Invitationals are at 8 pm Saturday, Club Motor in Sodo (map); you can get a hunka hunka burnin’ info (and then some) by going to the official website.

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  • chase January 21, 2009 (3:07 pm)

    Yahoo…. For, Mr. Wiggins my dear friend and well yes he designed my store 20 years ago!The best darn flower shop in downtown Seattle. And yes he did the whole wonderful show for my parents big 50th wedding party around the swimming pool….Elvis or Bret those old ladies loved him..So sexy…Wish all our best for this class act of hunka burnin’ love, to win it all for his beloved West Seattle….From you Alki Blue Bottle fan club

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