Time Capsule Day: The early-morning views

Under the full moon, with low-enough clouds to capture and reflect city light closer to the horizons, 2 am looked more like 5 am at the Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza. We wanted to take a picture there in the wee hours, to start the day that will be memorialized in the time capsule that’ll be buried at the plaza next year, and we’re going to print/digitally record today’s WSB posts to submit for consideration. Remarkably peaceful at the plaza at that hour – no wind, no rain, clearly audible birdsong at sea, way offshore. On the way back to WSB HQ, another classic West Seattle night sight:

Any photo you take today, or other item that might show people in 50 years how life was lived in Seattle (not just West Seattle) on 11/13/08 (meeting agenda? grocery receipt? event flyer? printed-out personal blog/online diary page?), can be contributed – the “when” and “how” are detailed here.

2 Replies to "Time Capsule Day: The early-morning views"

  • JanS November 13, 2008 (11:10 am)

    TR/Patrick….lovely pictures..peaceful…

  • jseattle November 13, 2008 (3:44 pm)

    We’re going the “day in the life” route up here on Capitol Hill for our contribution. Mundane. But oddly interesting.

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