Fauntleroy Art Show: Wearable art as well as viewable art

That’s West Seattle milliner Izzie Lewis, showing and selling “women’s and men’s hats, expertly blocked and finished” at the Fauntleroy Art Show, which continues 10 am-4 pm today in the fellowship hall of Fauntleroy Church (WSB sponsor), as part of the church’s centennial celebration. More than 20 area artists working in a variety of media are participating, including “tribute artists” – they’ve left this plane of existence, but their work lives on, and was loaned for the show. They include carver/sculptor Frank Evans:

Other tribute artists at the Fauntleroy Art Show include Moses “Moe” Beerman, best known for the Murals of West Seattle (read about them in this West Seattle 101 on WSB feature), but celebrated here for his caricatures. Meantime, fabric art also is part of the show – including Ruth Leonard‘s batik designs:

Admission is free if you just want to browse:

Fauntleroy Church is across from the old schoolhouse, about half a mile uphill from the ferry dock, at 9140 California SW; here’s a map and directions.

3 Replies to "Fauntleroy Art Show: Wearable art as well as viewable art"

  • transplantella November 8, 2008 (5:49 pm)

    I went to that “art show” today specifically because I’m in the market for an attractive hat and I liked the hats in your pic.

    I stayed approximately 3 minutes. Felt wool hats, pretty enough yes, running from $150 to $250 and more??!! What? God only know what one of the feathered ones might have cost….

    I moved here from years in Europe where labor and material both cost more than the US, and I could have bought a better quality beautifully stylish felt hat in Finland for about $100. Finland is one of the most expensive countries in the world.

    It seems that people here value their *artistry* very highly. And I am hatless. Better a wet head than a picked pocket.

  • Sandra M November 8, 2008 (5:53 pm)

    I enjoyed the art show today at the church. My hubby and I are tightening our belts though. This economy is a tight one and it’ll likely get worse. I did buy some artistic greeting cards. Am a huge fan of functional art!!

  • WSB November 8, 2008 (8:28 pm)

    Transplantella – Can’t speak to the reasoning for anybody’s pricing decisions but I do know well-made hats around here do cost a pretty penny. Junior Member of the Team went through a hat phase about a year ago and we wound up buying him a beautiful wool tall top hat and bowler at the only real, true hat store in the city, downtown, and I can’t remember its name. Triple-digit purchases, and they were among the cheapest items in the store, which was an amazing oldschool shopping experience. That was before we launched the business, though, and now as small businesspeople still in our first year, we are pinching pennies till their dates are rubbed bare … TR

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