Different kind of art walk: Morgan Junction park sidewalk update

Thanks to Cindi Barker of the Morgan Community Association for forwarding that rendering from the city’s Public Art program. It shows the original concept for a public-art project that’s now being proposed for the sidewalk alongside the new Morgan Junction park, as revealed at the last MoCA meeting (WSB coverage here). This rendering was created when the project by SuttonBeresCuller was on the boards for a Central District location, so its configuration may well change, but the idea’s the same — frames set into the sidewalk with surfaces for people to create temporary art. The city had already funded it for the original location, so installing it at Morgan Junction’s new park won’t cost that project anything more, and MoCA voted to support the idea; this is the first time the rendering’s been available for wider distribution here. SDOT already had agreed to sidewalk improvements by the new park, for which construction might start before year’s end, project manager Virginia Hassinger told MoCA last month.

3 Replies to "Different kind of art walk: Morgan Junction park sidewalk update"

  • Rasmus November 2, 2008 (10:11 am)

    That is way cool! :)

  • Jeff K. November 3, 2008 (12:26 pm)

    I think it’s a waste of money – there is so much more they could be doing with the monies.

  • Meghan November 3, 2008 (1:09 pm)

    Brilliant! It’s a very inexpensive and efficient way to include (“recyclable” and “reuseable”) interactive public art into the project.

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