Alki police search: Reports of shots fired into the air

Just got a tip about shots fired in Alki/60th vicinity a short time ago – no medic calls but scanner says police are looking for one or possibly more people “firing rounds” – one scanner description was “whitish color 2 door coupe, Maserati, white male, 20s, short blonde hair, cranking rounds off in the air” – haven’t heard the other potential description. Will update if/when we hear more; let us know if you’re in the area and seeing/hearing anything. 11:14 PM UPDATE: In comments, our original tipster says there’s word a suspect was stopped at the Harbor Ave. 7-11.

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  • nants September 14, 2008 (10:48 pm)

    I heard what I thought was firecrackers about 20 minutes ago…I live on 60th just a block from Alki…

  • Cami September 14, 2008 (10:58 pm)

    Same here, sounded like firecrackers.

  • vincent September 14, 2008 (11:05 pm)

    Those damn Maserati drivers, they should make a law!!

  • alkikmac September 14, 2008 (11:06 pm)

    SPD caught up with suspect at 7-11 on Harbor Ave and was already positively identified by witness.

  • alkikmac September 14, 2008 (11:12 pm)

    We live at 60th & Alki and saw the event from our balcony. Police are taking statements now. WSB – I texted you from the 253 number and can provide details after police leave.

  • WSB September 14, 2008 (11:14 pm)

    thanks, hard to tell from the scanner; the description we posted above was described as a possible second suspect. glad to hear about a quick stop.

  • Kristina September 15, 2008 (2:23 pm)

    Gives me shivers – my daughter attends Alki Elem. and is there right now. I realize that this was a nighttime activity, but it still gives me chills. The school is just a block away!

  • AJP September 16, 2008 (9:58 am)

    Shouldn’t have stopped for that Slurpee…

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