1 more restaurant update: Cafe Revo estimates 6 weeks to go

Almost forgot to mention, Cafe Revo (new Italian restaurant going into the ex-Murphy’s space in the Luna Park neighborhood along Avalon) sent word this weekend that it’s obtained building permits and is likely about 6 weeks from opening. Proprietors Sean and Sofia Zadra Goff also have added a webpage about their in-progress wine list. (We interviewed them for this preview/profile back in June.) They also say work will be starting on a mural on the building’s south wall.

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  • mar3c September 8, 2008 (6:55 am)

    re: wine list link

    my wife and i just returned from sonoma valley. we are constantly amazed at how few california zinfandels are represented on seattle’s many wine lists. (these are big, red wines, not pink – that would be white zinfandel.) we can suggest some in a wide range of prices if anyone is interested.

    zins are the major grape grown in sonoma’s valleys, and northern california has a rich italian history. these wines are great companions when dining in north beach, san francisco, for example.

  • Sofia Goff September 8, 2008 (7:52 am)

    Daer mar3c
    Thanky ou for your comment. Our wine list is still in process and we appreciate your thoughts on the California Zinfandel. I know this wine well and you are right it is very rich in Italian history. In fact my Grandfather Fiore Zadra hand made this exact wine here in Seattle, then his son and now my cousin makes it. It is a beautiful wine and we are looking to add it to our list.
    Grazie! – Sofia

  • mar3c September 8, 2008 (8:36 pm)


    is your grandfather’s wine available for general consumption? or at least a tasting?

  • Sofia Goff September 9, 2008 (8:46 am)

    Ciao mar3c! I wish my grandfathers wine was available for us to sell, my cousin makes it for his private use and to give as gifts. He has promised me that he will look into the license and fees to see if we he can become legal sell it so we could buy it and serve it! It is something we really hope to do. Meanwhile yesterday we were at a wine tasting and found a beautiful full body red zin from Hendry Ranch Winery in Napa. It is a label they make only for sale to restaurants and we plan to have it by the glass and bottle on our list. We also do have the Donald Zinfandel from Smidge in Australia. We hope you come in and see us when we open!

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