West Seattle Gas Price Watch: Good thing we didn’t survey…

407price.jpg… because what we would have come up with last night, if we’d done the usually-weekly survey of all West Seattle stations, would have been way outdated by late morning today. See photo at left (California/Andover 76); while most WS gas stations were still in the four-dollar-and-teens vicinity over the weekend, so far today most of the ones we’ve driven by have dropped into the four-oh-somethings. Let us know if you see someone drop below $4 before we see it (posted price, that is; gas was available at $3.99 at Admiral Safeway this morning, for example, for those who qualified for the dime-a-gallon discount and applied it to the $4.09/gallon price there).

3 Replies to "West Seattle Gas Price Watch: Good thing we didn't survey..."

  • thriftwaygirl August 4, 2008 (2:15 pm)

    I bet they’ll continue to go down up to the election. Tricky politicians.

  • WSB August 4, 2008 (2:22 pm)

    Data point, even if prices dropped a cent every single day, we wouldn’t be below $3 by Election Day (which is exactly three months from today … well, there’s the 8/19 Washington primary but not too much contested there …).

  • OP August 4, 2008 (5:50 pm)

    The policies and taxes are the only affect politicians can have on the price gas. Even then that’s only on gas, and not the price of a barrel of crude on the open market. Moreover, since the government requires refineries to make multiple grades/blends of gasoline—like expensive and cleaner blends for summer—we see, almost without fail every year, a traditional summer bump in prices followed by a slow decline toward fall as refiners switch back to less expensive to make blends. The fact that that coincides during election cycles is purely coincidental.

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