West Seattle barista on “Project Runway”: Blayne, Week 6

blaynecrop.jpgStill adhering to the “no spoilers on the home page” rule. Still going to the weekly “Project Runway” viewing parties at Ginomai, just around the corner from Blayne’s place-o-employment, Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor). So read on for a few lines on how Blayne did tonight and what his Hotwire boss Lora Lewis had to say about it:

Last week, you may recall, Blayne narrowly escaped being the recipient of the dreaded farewell from hostess Heidi Klum, “Auf wiedersehen” — he finished in the Bottom 2.

This week brought a chance for the competing designers to truly go wild — designing for some of the biggest, baddest drag queens to ever share a TV screen. (And to ice the cake, RuPaul was the guest judge.) Blayne created something with wings that caused co-host Tim Gunn to utter a critique involving “Jurassic Park” and pterodactyl … we just harkened back to the type of thing the group LaBelle wore at the time of their ’70s megahit “Lady Marmalade” (video).

However, it was good enough to land Blayne in the “safe for another week” center – the group that gets dismissed before the judges spend the final quarterhour dissecting the top three and bottom three. Here’s what Lora had to say afterward (don’t miss the part about this week’s dessert selection at the Ginomai party):

Yes, another viewing party on the big screen at Ginomai, next Wednesday night, as we see whether Blayne will survive Week 7. And back over by his grounds-stomping grounds at Hotwire, tomorrow night (Thursday) is expected to clear up in time for the rescheduled “Finding Nemo” outdoor Movies on the Wall presentation — Lora has been emceeing the showings, so you can expect to see her there.

P.S. One more Blayne Watch note; while grazing Google Blog Search for references, came across a photo uploaded by the legendary Archie McPhee‘s.

4 Replies to "West Seattle barista on "Project Runway": Blayne, Week 6"

  • Rick August 21, 2008 (9:11 am)

    Sorry, haven’t been following closely. What is the “no spoilers on home page” rule? I have an idea but am not absolutely sure.

  • Sarah August 21, 2008 (9:25 am)

    “No spoilers on the home page” refers to not referencing the outcome or specific goings-on of each episode in respect of fans who may not have had a chance to see the latest episode. Some people record or watch a rerun if they’re not able to see the episode’s first airing, and they want to be able to watch it without knowing what happens, so WSB (and many other TV/movie websites) will give “spoiler warnings” if they are going to reveal key plot points; those who haven’t yet seen it can avert their eyes :-)

  • Rick August 21, 2008 (9:45 am)

    Makes sense. Thanks

  • fluorescent carl August 22, 2008 (12:12 am)

    He could made a mean pair of muscle pants, I justs love my fluorescents… this guy has some of the most original ideas ever seen since the friends don’t let friends go fluoresolicious,,, Its almost like he’s?

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