Quick updates from other sites on Car-Free Day, bag fee

Two of the hottest recent topics here, so we wanted to share what our fellow neighborhood-news sites have unearthed: SDOT told the Rainier Valley Post (whose neighborhood is home to Car-Free Day #2 next weekend, while we have #3 at Alki on 9/7) that some Capitol Hill residents who got towed because of CFD #1 are being reimbursed; Blogging Georgetown digs up more of who’s involved in the anti-bag-fee campaign.

1 Reply to "Quick updates from other sites on Car-Free Day, bag fee"

  • Boom August 27, 2008 (1:04 pm)

    This is really fascinating. Great update on the G-Town blog. I’m surprised this update hasn’t been picked up by the traditional media outlets. Funny that the folks involved are being sly, not forthright about who is involved. They should be proud if they are going to work for, or support, spending time on fighting a 20 cent bag charge.

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