Mystery car crunch: WSB’er wonders what happened


Neil took that photo around 2 pm Monday, on SW Genesee between Avalon and 30th (map). Word on the street, says Neil, is that it happened Monday morning and involved a fourth car, but that doesn’t answer the question of exactly what went wrong. Adds Neil: “This is why I don’t park on the street.” Anybody witness whatever happened here?

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  • nuni August 26, 2008 (7:19 am)

    oh boy..that sucks.

  • Ken August 26, 2008 (7:47 am)

    I was told that lightning appeared to hit the pizza hut delivery at 35th and Morgan. My friend was standing across the street. No damage was apparent so it may have hit a ground device or power pole nearby instead.

  • JT August 26, 2008 (8:05 am)

    Looks like the missing car really wanted out of their parking spot.

  • CMP August 26, 2008 (8:15 am)

    I agree with JT! And they certainly didn’t know how to get out of it well on a hill. That looks like a brand new Accord resting on the white car so I’m sure it doesn’t have a faulty e-brake and isn’t the guilty party. Bummer.

  • furor scribendi August 26, 2008 (10:00 am)

    Note to self: Find off street parking.

    What I’d like to know is how the van, just uphill from the entwined sedans, happened to snap its left rear axle… sympathetic demo derby syndrome?

  • Rick August 26, 2008 (10:08 am)

    Somebody’s gotta have a caption for this CARtoon!

  • BobLoblaw August 26, 2008 (10:25 am)

    “Suzy always knew not to use her powers of levitation while sipping Pinot. This time she learned her lesson the hard way.”

  • nfolsom August 26, 2008 (10:27 am)

    Saw it yesterday and have been puzzling over it ever since. Could just the lack of a parking break result in that much, um, force? Guess it depends on how far up hill it was. Also, re: van…no reason to assume both are sets of broken bodies are related. That stretch of Genesee often has vehicles with heavy damage.

  • JenV August 26, 2008 (10:49 am)

    LOL BobLoblaw!

    My friend lives right across the street – I have an email in to see if he heard or saw anything.

  • KatherineL August 26, 2008 (2:12 pm)

    BobLaidlaw – good one!

  • islanddweller August 26, 2008 (2:26 pm)

    Yeah, I saw this too! OUCH. Let’s just hope they left a note or something on the windshields. I think most people are pretty considerate that way.

  • cjboffoli August 26, 2008 (7:13 pm)

    islanddweller: I doubt there were any notes left. It looks to me like a very selfish, impatient and entitled person with what I’d guess was a truck or SUV did that deliberately. I’m sure he gave no thought to the amount of aggravation this crime caused for the people who were unfortunate enough to park in his proximity.

  • Rasmus August 26, 2008 (7:59 pm)

    As much as this sucks (and it does!), the photo is really great.

  • OP August 26, 2008 (8:39 pm)

    Caption: “Don’t worry, the Obamamessiah will raise the cars up and give them new life!”

    What? Oh come on, laugh…;-)

  • RickB August 26, 2008 (9:21 pm)

    Reminds me of a few years back when I lived in the U-District. Was awakened one night/morning around 2:00AM by a loud crash outside. A (presumably drunk) driver had taken the corner too fast and hit cars on both sides of the street. Both of these cars were pushed forward, hitting the cars in front of them, for a total of four damaged vehicles. The driver took off, hit and run style, but they didn’t get away with it–their license plate was torn off and left on the ground at the scene…


  • marty August 26, 2008 (10:45 pm)

    I thought cars only did that during the Spring season???

  • Scott B. August 27, 2008 (11:41 am)

    Fullsize pickup trucks and large SUVs usually have bumpers that are higher than small car bumpers. If a pickup/SUV had tried to push the car backward, it probably would have ridden up onto the car. That could have pushed the front of the car down, levering the rear of the car up. It seems likely that the pickup/SUV would have gotten hung up on the car, but 4WD/AWD could allow it to get loose.

  • Westwood Resident August 27, 2008 (10:54 pm)

    Guys take a look at the rear wheel of the van. Who ever did this not only pushed the small back on to the white car, but clipped the van pretty good also in order to snap the axle like that.
    If a truck or SUV did it there would be a WHOLE lot more damage to the van AND the other car. So get off the “hate SUV/Truck” bandwagon…we all don’t like to drive Prius’

  • JH August 27, 2008 (11:11 pm)

    “Too bad my teenage daughter learned how to parallel park from her dad.”

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