Friday morning followups: Alki fire, Fauntleroy Place demolition


That’s what the burned 56th/Alki duplex looks like this morning from 56th, looking northeast. We just checked with the Fire Department again; still no official information on what investigators believe started the fire. (We published two multiple-update reports last night – with incredible contributions from witnesses, neighbors, many others, thank you again! – #1 is here, #2 is here.) AFTERNOON UPDATE: The Fire Department still isn’t announcing a cause; spokesperson Helen Fitzpatrick told us they need to talk to the owner first (and as we reported last night, she’s out of town). MEANWHILE: Also this morning, the newest information on the Fauntleroy Place (future Whole Foods etc.) demolition:


Project manager Easton Craft from BlueStar tells WSB the final major demolition work – actually bringing down the building – is now scheduled for Monday, because clearing out the interior contents (see the piles in the photo) turned out to be a really big job. Craft says “… they have found more recyclable material (metal/steel, masonry, wood) than they anticipated.” The demolition work started Tuesday (previous WSB coverage here and here; the latest on the FP development, including the design that will be reviewed at a public meeting on August 14th, is here).

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  • rlv July 25, 2008 (11:05 am)

    I have to say, it looks a lot better than it did last night. As I was heading to work this morning, a bunch of neighbors were out there helping clean up at least some of the debris, which I thought was fantastic, and I wished that I didn’t have to get to work so that I could have helped, too.

    It’s one of the reasons I put up with the craziness of summer down here — great neighbors make it worthwhile.

  • Jen V. July 25, 2008 (11:26 am)

    has anyone been in contact with the tenant? any needs the community can help with?

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