Early-morning car crash damages Emma Schmitz Viewpoint

Photos at Beach Drive Blog — damage includes a bench, greenery, and sign. We were up late and saw a “heavy rescue” call on the 911 log for 4520 Beach, but it closed shortly after the initial 3:40 am call, and scanner traffic didn’t suggest anything major going on, so we didn’t go; it was followed by an aid call for almost the same address 22 minutes later.

3 Replies to "Early-morning car crash damages Emma Schmitz Viewpoint"

  • meg June 22, 2008 (5:38 pm)

    wow! I just went over there ad it is just crazy to see such a thing. This is the second hit and run crash within a week in the same area. People really need to learn to call a cab or stay where they are! Because quite frankly I am worried someone will end up dead if these people keep driving drunk down here…(Yes I know I am making an *assumption* they were drunk and if they weren’t then they just shouldn’t be driving at all…)

  • Rhonda Porter June 22, 2008 (7:04 pm)

    It looks better now than it did this morning! I’m surprised they left the bus sign because it’s not really secure having it proped in the ground.

  • Karen June 23, 2008 (5:02 am)

    This was not a hit and run. We came upon the car, a gray Geo Prizm, flipped onto it’s roof with the four young occupants (2 boys, two girls) out of the car and quickly leaving south on Beach Drive. We called the police and gave all the information we had and there was three other people on the scene. We stayed quite a while but the police never showed. As there was really no reason for us to hang around we eventually went home. Guess there was no emergency here that required quick response, but they must have finally showed and towed the car away. I am very surprised those kids were not badly hurt given the shape of that car but disappointed to see them just leave the scene. I do hope the police were able to find them and hold them responsible for the damage.

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