Charlestown Cafe update: Still hoping to reopen this month

charlestownactivity.jpgWhen last we updated you on the repair work to get the Charlestown Cafe open again — it’s now been four months since fire forced it to close — co-owner Larry Mellum was hoping for a reopening around June 10th. We just checked back with him today, since that date’s almost here; here’s his reply, with two bits of news:

Things are progressing well on our construction. I will try to give you a more specific “reopening” date later this week but we expect to be open before the end of June.

I know many people have asked about our staff and what will happen with them. Last week we held a meeting to get an idea of how many people we will have to replace. Everyone attended!!! So, it looks like we will have a good staff to “reopen” with.

If you want to catch up on all our WSB coverage of the Charlestown Cafe — both the fire situation and the development proposal that had been tabled just before the fire hit — check out this archive.

7 Replies to "Charlestown Cafe update: Still hoping to reopen this month"

  • flowerpetal June 9, 2008 (3:20 pm)

    I certainly could not have ever called myself a regular at Charlestown Cafe… but I am anxious for it to reopen and my first order will be liver and onions with mashed potatoes thank you very much!

  • mongo June 9, 2008 (3:40 pm)

    Given the closing of the Corner Inn and the ongoing issues with the long-term availability of the current Charlestown Cafe location….

    … wouldn’t it make sense for the Charlestown to move there?

  • JanS June 9, 2008 (3:59 pm)

    can’t wait…it’s still chowder weather :)

    so nice that the staff will be back…that’s loyalty..:)

  • BruceB June 9, 2008 (5:49 pm)

    Nice to see! Are they still under threat of losing their location to a PetsMart?

  • WSB June 9, 2008 (5:53 pm)

    It was a Petco … and as of our report just days before the fire
    … no. But the building and site’s longterm future have not yet been determined … so Charlestown’s future isn’t entirely clear either … but it was considered a good sign that the landlord decided to go ahead with the needed repairs.

  • Jenny June 10, 2008 (10:10 am)

    > … wouldn’t it make sense for the Charlestown to move there?

    Yeah, my thought too. But then I’m biased – that would be MUCH closer to our neighborhood. :)

  • BruceB June 11, 2008 (2:53 pm)

    Thanks for the correction! :)

    With the site’s future being uncertain, I’m surprised the Cafe didn’t decide to relocate diagonally across the street to the new building goiing up on the northwest corner of Charlestown and California. The artist’s rendition on the sign shows a generic cafe.

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