Always wanted to be in The Parade? Here’s an easy way


Three weeks from today, on July 19, thousands of West Seattleites will line California Avenue SW, from Admiral to The Junction, to enjoy the West Seattle Grand Parade presented by American Legion Post 160 during the West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival, with sights and sounds like those provided by the All-City Band (above, that’s a 2007 WSB photo of its tuba players). If this is your second or third summer reading WSB, you know we are absolutely crazy in love with parades, particularly this one. And we are thrilled to be able to help facilitate a group for this year’s parade — and to extend to you the invitation to be part of it, provided you meet just one criteria: You do, or have done, volunteer work for something. It can be something small and simple – you help out at your kids’ school – or something big (you’re part of a community group with meetings and events and everything else that keeps you busy week in and week out) – or something you’ve done just a time or two (painted out graffiti? picked up trash?). While discussing the idea of a parade unit with Morgan Junction volunteer extraordinaire Cindi Barker, the idea hatched: Volunteers of West Seattle Grand Parade Marching Unit. Don’t worry, no rehearsals, no choreographed moves, just show up on parade day and show off the “volunteer power” that keeps West Seattle running (though we’d like you to RSVP – e-mail Here’s part of the notice that Cindi has started to distribute on local mailing lists:

We’re not organized, scheduled or in any way coherent for this event, just like your average volunteer activity. The one thing that is firm:
If you show up decorated in anything that remotely resembles your volunteer activity, we will buy you a beer or soda at West 5 after the parade. Silliness and giant leaps of imagination are encouraged, have fun with your topic. Afterwards, you’ll be trying to explain yourself – networking at its finest, eh?

No need to RSVP or pre-register, though we’d like to hear from you, so if you think you might be interested drop us a line at

If you decide at the last minute you can come along, just show up and join the Volunteers in West Seattle Grand Parade Marching Unit for the recognition you so greatly deserve. No meetings will be held along the parade route, in case you were wondering.

Note that freebie – if you really get into the spirit. WSB will be joining the group too, and you can watch this site for details as the parade gets closer, as well as, where Cindi will have info posted too. If you’re not already in the parade, and you’re part of West Seattle’s amazing volunteer power, please consider joining us! (Your kids can march with the group too; nothing motorized – Cindi has arranged for a cool Mini Cooper to lead the unit, with “snappy music” as she puts it.)

2 Replies to "Always wanted to be in The Parade? Here's an easy way"

  • JoB June 28, 2008 (10:22 pm)

    i think this would be a great thing for mom with kids who volunteer..

    i like riding.. not walking.. in parades:)

  • JanS July 14, 2008 (9:14 am)

    JoB…I’m with you…I’d have to drop out after a block or two :(

    maybe we could rent one of those cute little Hoverounds, electric scooter chairs, etc…now that wold be fun ;-) – the geriatric drill team – lolol…

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