Zippy’s Giant Burgers, by the numbers

Rahel Cook, co-owner of the wildly popular new Zippy’s Giant Burgers with Blaine “Zippy” Cook, just posted this update in comments under our last post – since most people won’t go back to see comments on a two-day old post, we’re highlighting it here:

Thanks all for the raves! We certainly were blown away, to say the least about the turnout!

Here are the stats:
Thursday = 55 lbs of beef, gone by 6 pm!
Friday = 66 lbs of beef, gone by 7 pm!
Saturday = 88 lbs of beef, gone by 8:30 pm!

We finally ran out of buns on Sunday and that’s what kept us from opening. We got a
big delivery of buns on Monday, but yet again, we sold out by 8 pm! …

Thank you all for showing up and supporting your local Burger business. Keep on
coming and don’t be afraid to tell us what you like or don’t like!

Here comes day 5!

ps. We’ll be closed on Mother’s Day as we all have mothers and I’m one, too. We’d
like to celebrate all moms! :)

By the way, in a separate comment in the same spot, Rahel also is asking if anyone’s interested in their compostable food waste.

4 Replies to "Zippy's Giant Burgers, by the numbers"

  • Jim Reppond May 6, 2008 (1:25 pm)

    I wonder why Zippys didn’t get mentioned in the “Who Sells the Biggest Baddest Burgers” contest?

  • JanS May 6, 2008 (9:14 pm)

    wow….I could hear my arteries slamming shut just reading about those burgers…

  • Tom May 8, 2008 (6:31 pm)

    I have wanted to come in on two occassions but had no CASH! Once I wound up kitty corner at the 7-11 to buy “food” because they could take my plastic. I rarely carry cash anymore… Please get a card swiper!

  • jamie May 11, 2008 (2:41 pm)

    redmill has grown a healthy business with no ‘card swiper’. do they take checks? red mill does.

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