Welcoming our newest sponsor: M3 Bodyworks Massage Clinic


(M3 Bodyworks staff: Clockwise from lower right, owner Michael Mandell, LMP; Gary Rhodes, LMP; Stephanie Ross, LMP; Josie Ives, LMP; Courtney Good, office assistant; M’Lissa Hayes. Not pictured: Jen Barth, LMP; Damon Vecci, LMP)
That’s the staff of M3 Bodyworks Massage Clinic, which became WSB’s newest sponsor this week. Here’s what M3 wants you to know about the business (read through to the special offer!): “M3 Bodyworks Massage Clinic is a massage boutique with multiple therapists, 3 treatment rooms and 400 square feet of wall space for local artists to display their work. M3 Bodyworks is located at 5410 California Ave SW, Suite 203, diagonally across from the West Seattle Nursery. The owner, Michael Mandell, has lived in Seattle since 1996 and survived through 3 failed internet startups during the high-tech boom. After the third startup, Michael went to massage school and took his career into his own hands. Michael has created a space where massage for the whole body is important to the healing process. M3 Bodyworks Massage Clinic’s philosophy is to provide massage for all at an affordable price with quality therapists. We promise an hour paid for a massage is a hour on the table. Prices are as low as $56.00 per hour through pre-paid packages. All therapists share clients, which make it easy for you to get comprehensive care. Michael brings his high-tech experience with him to the massage clinic with online scheduling, account review, e-mail receipts, therapist bios online and web-only specials. This allows all the therapists more time to spend with the individual clients. M3 Bodyworks has also joined organizations like AHAC (www.ahacseattle.org) to provide affordable massage to the homeless and people in need or in crisis where alternative healthcare is needed. M3 Bodyworks Massage Clinic has monthly specials and accepts most Health Insurance, car-accident insurance (PIP), on-the-job-injury insurance (L&I) and credit cards/cash/checks. Since you have taken the time to read our introduction, new clients can introduce themselves to us with $20 off any service when you mention West Seattle Blog.” Thanks to M3 Bodyworks for sponsoring WSB — and thanks to our other sponsors, all of whom you will find on this page, which also has info for anybody interested in joining them to grow their business and reach more customers while helping WSB be a sustainable source of 24/7 community news, information, and discussion for West Seattle.

5 Replies to "Welcoming our newest sponsor: M3 Bodyworks Massage Clinic"

  • Susan April 23, 2008 (9:15 am)

    I’ve gone to Michael for a few years now. Before that, I tried many other therapists, all of whom were good. Michael is the first one, however, who I would actually say provides “therapy.” He really listens and has great knowledge of the body. I can’t speak highly enough of his work. The clinic is very nice, also. Really GREAT place. Go, go, go!!!!

  • Sue April 23, 2008 (9:48 am)

    I’ll second that about Michael. The structural work he does is almost like a dance and his knowledge of the body is impressive. Being able to book online is also a plus, and their package deals really are worth the savings in $.

  • Corianton April 23, 2008 (10:25 am)

    I’ll third for Michael! He’s been my favorite, most effective LMP for years, and now I’m living in West Seattle I get to see him much more easily. But don’t go see him, I don’t want him to be too booked-up!!

  • JanS April 23, 2008 (11:08 am)

    Michael, welcome…glad to see you support this wonderful venue…:)

  • Keith April 23, 2008 (5:53 pm)

    Great people, great space, and the online scheduling makes it really easy to get in.

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