New Admiral development proposal, north of PCC

This one has just appeared on the city’s “Design Review/Upcoming” page, with an “early design guidance” meeting set for April 24: 2743 California, site of a duplex that had been up for sale a long time, set fairly far back from the street between the north side of PCC and the south side of the mixed-use building with Freshy’s among others. County records show it sold for $985,000 in late February; now it’s proposed for demolition and replacement with what’s described on the official city project page as “a 3-4 story structure with 15,000 sq ft. of medical office (…) Parking for 10 vehicles to be located below grade.” (Reminder, before we get to that Design Review Board meeting in three weeks, next Thursday is the DRB meeting at Chief Sealth HS for two major Junction-area projects: the Conner Homes buildings @ California/Alaska/42nd and the Harbor Properties building at 38th/Alaska.)

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  • JanS April 3, 2008 (10:23 am)

    This building, fairly non-descript, has been sitting empty with a chain link fence around it for quite some time. Almost anything would be an improvement. And, a medical office in the Admiral District? I have no problem with that :)

  • Shannon April 3, 2008 (1:56 pm)

    The building is not empty. There are residents still living inside it. I see them signing through the windows in the back sometimes. I wonder where they will go?

  • Katie April 3, 2008 (2:22 pm)

    4 story building of offices with underground parking for 10 cars. Yeah, that’s enough parking.

  • JanS April 3, 2008 (4:28 pm)

    Shannon…so sorry…since the fence went up, it has looked unoccupied to me. You say “signing”…as in ASL? It would be interesting to see what help is going to be given to relocate.

  • KatherineL April 3, 2008 (5:29 pm)

    Parking for only ten cars? Looks like it’s going to get harder to park at PCC.

  • Suits are not boring April 3, 2008 (8:58 pm)

    Yes, ASL – I live in the building next door and there are two families in the duplex with kids and a neat dog.

    There is a medical building just a few blocks down on California.

    I know this development could be worse, but I hate to see those people move – their kids are fun to hear playing all summer. Not to mention having a building go up immediately next to my bedroom will not be fun. ugh

  • Bernicki April 4, 2008 (7:49 am)

    One of my friends lives in that duplex. They want to buy a house, but prices are driving them to look way north and way south, so there’s a good chance they’ll leave West Seattle once the duplex is torn down. :(

  • Eaglelover April 5, 2008 (12:04 pm)

    How do they get away with building these things and only have 10 spots for a 4 story building? Atleast there’s good bus service to that area, but get real. Too bad those people couldn’t buy the place and more of this is coming to admiral:(

  • knitter666 April 8, 2008 (2:46 pm)

    Dont you people have anything else to do? The fence has been there for seven years, and the dog has been there for two plus years. The guy “suits” doesn’t like it? Cause he looks out his third story window down on to a real lawn. You probably wont be sorry it’s built when you need that emergency root canal on Friday night!

  • DJ April 24, 2008 (11:45 am)

    Last year – before the Mayor’s zoning changes went into effect – 36 parking spaces would have been required for this project (15,000-2500)/350. Under today’s code, and assuming the medical offices are one business establishment, 25 parking spaces would be required (15,000-2500)/350. HOWEVER, by assuming that the medical offices are separate business entities with less than 1,500sf each, NO parking is required. NONE.

    In fact, if this were a 30,000sf project made up of businesses of less than 1,500sf each, NO parking would be required. NONE.

    This is a considerable loophole in the new code.

    Essentially, the Mayor and DPD have dumped the issue of reasonable parking requirements back onto the neighborhoods. Consequently, a detailed SEPA analysis of the parking, should be required.

    Make no mistakes, this is a precedent setting project, and the parking analysis should be studied carefully as it will establish the parking requirements for future projects in the Admiral Commercial District.

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