West Seattle Gas Price Watch: Time for a baseline check

76prices.jpgWest Seattle gas prices are now as high as they ever got during last spring’s price pump-up — the top posted price for regular is $3.49 (Lincoln Park 76, photo at left), which is where it peaked in WS (at that station and 35th/Holden Chevron) last May. The top posted price for premium is $3.83 (Admiral Chevron), and the top posted price, period, is $3.95 for diesel at two Shell stations (Delridge and Roxbury, photo at right). The lowest posted gas price in WS is $3.25 for regular (Delridge Arco, photo at left). All this is from our survey late last night; with prices now matching last year’s high, we thought it was time to take baseline checks of the price range at all WS stations:

If we missed a station, please let us know – we fear our survey might have missed something in east West Seattle (east of Delridge, in particular). The price ranges you see below are regular to premium, as posted at the 20 stations we drove by late last night, and are sorted below from lowest to highest regular prices:

$3.25-$3.47, Arco (Delridge/Orchard)
$3.38-$3.59, Roxbury Safeway
$3.39-$3.59, Gas Depot (Delridge/Henderson)
$3.41-$3.61, California/Charlestown 7-11
$3.42-$3.63, Admiral Safeway
$3.42-$3.67, Barnecut’s Shell (Admiral)
$3.43-$3.83, Admiral Chevron
$3.45-$3.65, Avalon 7-11
$3.45-$3.65, California Exxon
$3.45-$3.65, Delridge Exxon
$3.45-$3.69, Fauntleroy/Alaska Shell
$3.45-$3.71, 35th/Barton Exxon
$3.46-$3.69, 35th/Holden Chevron
$3.46-$3.69, Gasco (35th)
$3.47-$3.67, mid-Delridge Shell
$3.47-$3.67, Delridge/Orchard Shell
$3.47-$3.67, Roxbury Shell
$3.47-$3.71, California Shell
$3.47-$3.71, Fauntleroy/Alaska 76
$3.49-$3.75, Fauntleroy/Lincoln Park 76

The citywide average is tracked by AAA; we appear to be right on par. We’ll keep a closer eye on WS gas prices here until things settle down – as has been known to happen; if you review our archive of WSB gas-prices coverage, you’ll see prices fell 80 cents a gallon between that mid-May peak and the mid-August valley.

9 Replies to "West Seattle Gas Price Watch: Time for a baseline check"

  • Agen March 3, 2008 (6:28 am)

    Just thought I’d add that the biodiesel at Seaport Biofuels breaks down accordingly: $3.69 for B99, $3.67 for B50, and $3.66 for B20.

  • WSB March 3, 2008 (6:59 am)

    Thanks – pardon our non-biodieselness, but does that station have a price sign like run-of-the-mill gas stations? (I know the one on 35th doesn’t.)

  • Sue March 3, 2008 (7:26 am)

    With how much profit they’re making off gas now, you’d think the Delridge Arco could afford to buy some more numbers for that sign. I used to live right over there and it drove me crazy to see half the numbers missing on that sign all the time. Guess things haven’t changed much in the past year.

  • Agen March 3, 2008 (8:50 am)

    Unfortunately, Seaport Biodiesel doesn’t have a sign showing current prices, but the web site stays fairly up to date. (I forgot to add that I filled up yesterday and can confirm the prices.)

  • JM March 3, 2008 (9:05 am)

    If you have a Safeway Club card, it’s $.03 cheaper per gallon when you fill up at the Admiral Safeway. I’m assuming the figure quoted above is the price without the discount?

    Now that I think of it, to fill my 18-gallon tank from near empty, the discount ends up being less than a dollar. Negligible, but I’ll save what I can these days.

  • add March 3, 2008 (10:45 pm)

    If you spend more than $50 at a time at Safeway using your card, your discount is .10 a gallon. Now that’s worth it!

  • Norm March 4, 2008 (4:40 am)

    Here is a link to a great website I have been using to find great gas prices. http://www.seattlegasprices.com/ Also if you have a costco business amex card you receive 5% off gas at their stores as well as any gas station which is not another super store (walmart etc) and grocery store. I.e. $3.26 a gallon -.16 = $3.12

  • Eddie March 4, 2008 (12:36 pm)

    How did Diesel sneak up to be so much more expensive than gasoline?

  • Eddie March 4, 2008 (4:22 pm)

    Plus 4 more cents/gallon in one day!

    Charlstown/California 7-11 ranges from 3.45 – 3.65 at 4pm March 4th.

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