Review set for Beach Drive teardowns-to-townhome/houses


On the same date (4/10) that the newly revealed California/Alaska megaproject gets a Southwest Design Review Board hearing, the project on the site of those old Beach Drive waterfront homes will also get an “administrative” design review. The proposal calls for two new single-family homes and one duplex townhouse. The project pages are filed on the city site under the street numbers 4143, 4145, and 4147. (The architects listed for the project built this, next door at 4141 Beach Drive, as well as this Alki house and these Alki condos.)

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  • WOW! March 9, 2008 (5:53 pm)

    Six hours and counting and no comments from the whiner gallery on the latest t-to-t…!? Gotta be some sort of WSB record… Wow!
    Either they are out of gas or they’ve come to their senses just a bit ;)
    Hard to argue with the product Steve @ Constructive Energy builds. The AIA he employs is solid as well.

  • PSPS March 9, 2008 (7:36 pm)

    The comments now seem to be moderated, so not everything someone submits will appear, at least not for a while. In fact, this one might not make it!

    Assuming it does, I’ll say that the other projects mentioned with links aren’t exactly in line with what’s being replaced here. But the architect already has a completed project next door, so it shouldn’t be as out-of-character as, say, that half-built-for-two-years-now hummer monstrosity down my street surrounded by bungalows that used to get sunlight in their yards.

  • WSB March 9, 2008 (8:34 pm)

    Not all comments are moderated. There are a variety of moderation factors set to protect the site from comment spam, which bombards us (among many other sites) by the thousands per hour, so certain comments are held for approval if they meet one of those factors. And the spam filter sometimes puts comments in a bin that goes straight to deletion. It’s unfortunate that the spam industry has its bots in place to try to ruin open-comment websites, but at least there are tools like Akismet to fight back, with the unfortunate side effect of some restrictions on immediate open dialogue.

  • add March 9, 2008 (8:56 pm)

    Re: comments – I think that lately the Forum is where the action is, so I’ve noticed way less comments on the “main” blog lately…

  • hiss March 9, 2008 (10:48 pm)

    Getting back to the topic… The developers need to just stop. Who is going to buy / live in all these new places? Have they not heard of a little thing called a recession and slowed houseing market?
    I guess not. Let’s just tear stuff down and hope to make some cash. I’m effing sick of these moneythirsty developers making WS gross.

  • JanS March 9, 2008 (11:58 pm)

    hiss…hear, hear….

  • GenHillOne March 10, 2008 (6:12 am)

    I’ll admit that it’s refreshing to see that the Beach Drive proposal is for two single family homes and one duplex, rather than 10 units, but that house next door at 4141? It’s been on the market for a LONG time. And it’s the same builder? Bigger gamblers than I am!

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