West Seattle Crime Watch: “Admiral action” early today

February 8, 2008 12:03 pm
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That’s how the subject line put it, in a reader e-mail we just received, simultaneous with info that also came in from the Southwest Precinct. First, the reader report:

I just wanted to let you know about some Crime Watch activity here in N. Admiral late last night. A little after 3 am we awoke to a car alarm a few houses down at 39th and Stevens. A few moments later there was a strange sound like an engine revving really fast, but somehow different. I’m really not sure what was going on since a large tree blocked my view. Almost immediately, a police cruiser approached from Stevens. With lights on, officers got out of the car and began apprehending someone. There was a lot of shouting from the police and the suspect. … Anyways, lots more police cars showed up, and a few neighbors went up and talked to some of the officers. … A couple of the cruisers started looking around the street at other parked cars. I got the impression that they weren’t looking for another person, just more car damage. After about half an hour or so, all the excitement seemed to settle and we went back to bed.

Now, here’s what the Southwest Precinct says that was all about – we’ll paraphrase their account: Near the 2600 block of 39th SW, a citizen interrupted at least two thieves stealing the catalytic converter from his car, parked on the street. He called 911 and chased two male suspects. Officers “contained the area”; a K-9 team started tracking and found one “adult male suspect” four blocks away. Then the K-9 team started following another track that “led back to the theft scene.” At 39th and Stevens, officers heard a vehicle crashing into parked cars and speeding southbound; they stopped the damaged car and arrested an “adult female who had just stolen the car from a paper boy while he was out of the car momentarily.” She’s been booked for investigation of theft and a drug violation; police subsequently found the other suspect’s parked truck, containing stolen auto parts and tools — the man was booked for investigation of theft and malicious mischief. 7:30 PM ADDENDUM: After reviewing the reports at the Southwest Precinct, turns out this is a convoluted tale involving two separate incidents … also, the catalytic-converter theft angle is an alarming trend. More on this in a Crime Watch update later tonight.

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