More signs of change: Ex-dealership signs down and gone


Caught that photo late morning while en route to the Viaduct event posted below – sign removal under way at the ex-Huling/Gee dealership location on Fauntleroy south of Alaska. Then before we could even post it this afternoon, we wound up hours later alongside the truck carrying the signs away:


Haven’t done a check on that property yet today but as we reported over the weekend, Huling land a couple blocks east is slated for a mixed-use project (we expect to talk with Harbor Properties tomorrow to find out more).

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  • Jack Flanders February 11, 2008 (11:29 pm)

    Ha! When I saw how hard they were fighting to kill that car dealership, I knew what was going on. I told my friends that it would all be torn down to build condos. Just look up and down that strip…QFC project, Whole Foods projects, new condos at 35th/Avalon. Those lots, surrounded by 6 story condos, would make no sense as a car lot. So I won’t be the least bit shocked to see the official “land use” signs coming up.

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