Second WSB Top 7 of ’07: Most-discussed posts

Some weeks back, we carved out a little section in the right sidebar to spotlight current “most-discussed posts,” since our publishing volume hourglass-horn.jpgtends to push things off the main page within a few days. Toward that end, our second of three WSB “Top 7 of ’07” roundup counts down the posts that drew the most comments – with a couple exclusions: We’re leaving out our “unveiling” post from earlier this month, which drew 90-plus comments from (mostly) well-wishers, and we’re leaving out reader-recommendation posts (original RRR archive here; new RRR forum here), which by their nature are meant to draw comments (including the all-time recordsetter so far, “West Seattle Dishes to Die For,” at 161 comments). So here goes:

#7: With 58 comments, “For the First Time Since Spanky’s Went Out …” in which we discussed the appearance of a new sign at Morgan Junction’s Short Stop, touting “Adult DVD,” which was pointed out in an e-mail tip.

#6: With 62 comments, “Admiral Acceleration Agitation,” inspired by e-mails questioning the 30 mph speed limit on Admiral Way.

#5: With 65 comments, “Wheels Up,” which began with e-mail from WSB regular “The House” regarding a note left under his windshield.

#4: With 70 comments, “Mars Hill Money Trouble,” regarding a revelation from the only megachurch with a West Seattle branch.

And now, as we invoke Casey Kasem yet again, the top 3:

#3: With 85 comments, “Another Fauntleroy Way Chunk on the Market,” about the for-sale listing of the land that’s currently home to businesses including Tervo’s Mini-Mart (still on the market, by the way).

#2: With 96 comments, “Upzone Uproar: Cayce & Gain Face the Neighbors,” our report on the contentious public meeting regarding the proposal to rezone part of California Ave south of Admiral (our most recent followup, after an interview with C & G last Thursday, is here).

#1: With 114 comments as of this writing, “Walk All Ways – Love It or Hate it?”, sparked by e-mail from a West Seattleite who thinks its time has come and gone.

A few things to note about this list: 4 of the top 7 “most-discussed posts” started with e-mail from WSB-land — another reminder that this is just a shell of a site without you — please keep e-mailing (texting, phoning, Facebooking, Twittering, etc.) your thoughts, sightings, photos, tips, rumors, rants, raves — and for those times when you have something to say RIGHT NOW, “Open Discussion” in the WSB Forum is there ’round the clock.

Also, we wanted to award a couple “honorable mentions” — two posts early in the year that drew at least 40 comments each, remarkable given that WSB readership at the time was only about a third of its current level (still growing – THANK YOU!) – “Think Summer” in March drew 40 comments, after West Seattle Junction Association president Dave Montoure of West 5 asked for suggestions looking ahead to Summer Fest, and “Burglar Alert” in April, which tallied 41 comments – an early example of one of the ways we plan to serve you better in the New Year, with more frequent updates on crime/safety concerns (and crime-fighting successes) around West Seattle.

Tomorrow, sometime before the partying starts @ sundown, we’ll conclude with the more classic type of “year-ender” list, the top West Seattle news of the year. Bet you can already guess a few that are shoo-ins!

5 Replies to "Second WSB Top 7 of '07: Most-discussed posts"

  • Sarah December 31, 2007 (12:26 am)

    What about the post – I believe it was in August – regarding readers’ favorite West Seattle restaurant dishes? It’s too late to search for it now, but I believe it was titled “WS Dishes to Die For.” I know that one surpassed 114 comments. Did it get forgotten?

  • WSB December 31, 2007 (12:42 am)

    We mentioned it in the first paragraph of this post :)

  • GenHillOne December 31, 2007 (6:25 am)

    Re: #7 – anyone notice that the Adult DVD portion of the sign is gone? I guess they didn’t replace it after the truck hit it!

  • cleat December 31, 2007 (6:49 am)

    dang … no wonder I couldn’t find the right place when driving by there!!! hahahaha

  • Meghan December 31, 2007 (8:37 am)

    That mini mini mall (pun intended) that had the adult video sign (that thankfully was hit by a truck and removed) could be such a cute, attractive business if the owners would just give it a face lift. I live nearby and after avoiding it for years because it looks so skanky, I went in recently just to buy a newspaper and was shocked to discover that the market is not so bad. They actually have a decent selection of beer and wine and many convenient groceries and household items. I am absolutely convinced that with not that much remodeling/painting (and by taking down some of those ugly beer signs and banners), the owners could make it an attractive place that people would want to support rather than avoid. Plus with the new park being built across the street, they could increase their business even more. I really hope they know this.

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