Friday afternoon notes

-Two store openings in The Junction today: Craze Clothing in the ex-mortgage space @ the NW corner of California/Oregon (thanks to Keith for the sighting!); Starbucks in the ex-Infinity Espresso space at Jefferson Square.

-Congratulations to a Junction business on its 20th anniversary! Square 1 Books is celebrating with a 20th-anniversary sale through tomorrow.

-Orca fans, be on the lookout again today – We just signed up for the Orca Network e-mail notification list about local sightings (you can sign up here), and not only is there a new photo of the baby orca we mentioned this morning (not linked on the web yet but we’ll put the link here when it is), there’s also word of orca sightings today around Three Tree Point south of West Seattle, and off Maury Island.

-The pirate radio station we mentioned last night seems to be up and playing its promised “warmup music” prior to the FCC media ownership audiocast starting around 4 pm. We heard it (calling itself “Radio 33”) at 93.7 FM.

4 Replies to "Friday afternoon notes"

  • Digg November 9, 2007 (3:12 pm)

    Thank you!

  • Jeremiah November 9, 2007 (3:15 pm)

    I miss the Infinity Espresso, but I welcome the Starbucks. I went in early this morning, and they were super nice and welcoming.
    My only suggestion: now that its open, can we please close the Starbucks in Safeway? God. Awful.

  • Anne November 9, 2007 (3:40 pm)

    Square One Books is a great place to shop-with friendly helpful employees.They have 20% off everything in the store-so this would be a perfect chance to get some holiday shopping done.Also-I’ve heard that Jessica Seinfelds kid friendly cookbook might be hard to find-look no further than Square One Books.
    Happy 20th Anniversary to a great businees-I hope you’re there for 20 more!

  • herongrrrl November 9, 2007 (8:18 pm)

    During Nov-Dec, J-pod usually does the rounds down here on a regular basis. They are usually over on the west side of the water so they’re hard to see without binoculars, but sometimes they’ll swing close to Alki like they did the other day. Once you know where to look you can see them pretty frequently, but I never get tired of it!

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