Dog found – sound familiar?

From the inbox this afternoon, Deborah writes:

I picked up a very big, very sweet black lab last night at Waite and 50th in West Seattle. He had no collar so I brought him to the W Seattle Animal Hospital. They scanned him and he also had no chip. He was picked up by the Humane Society today, and if anyone is looking for him, they can call the Humane Society at 206-386-7387. He was the sweetest thing, so I hope that you can post this and try to reunite him with his family!

If you can’t quite place 50th/Waite, here’s a map.

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  • Vicki November 11, 2007 (12:20 pm)

    Talking about sweet dogs! Last Sunday on our walk down California Ave to the Boulangerie…you know the one…we met up with a woman and her lovely german shepherd. Somehow, we discovered that he or she sings! When I asked if the sheperd Diva would sing for us, yes of course. and away they both went crooning wonderfully on the sidewalk. What a wonderful duet. That is a trained dog…
    I wonder if folks could train their doggies to say their names, it would be easier to find their owners when lost! No chip! ooooh, too bad.


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