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They help the environment; can you help them?

October 28, 2007 8:26 pm
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That’s a photo from an EarthCorps event with Denny Middle School students at the Thistle Street section of Longfellow Creek, where they put in more than 200 native plants — all amid the weather craziness of 10/19. EarthCorps invites you to go check out the new plantings just north of the P-Patch — and a frequent WSB contributor @ EarthCorps also hopes you’ll consider their request for a different kind of community help — one that doesn’t involve digging or planting:Read More

The 12th pumpkin

October 28, 2007 7:59 pm
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From the inbox (keep those pumpkin pix coming) — Seahawks had the week off but Michael in North Admiral keeps the spirit alive:


MIDNIGHT ADDITION: Dave in Westwood says he spent the “bye week” productively too:


Anybody missing a poodle?

October 28, 2007 6:19 pm
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Sandi writes to say she found a “small female white poodle in the Genesee area” today. We’ll put you in touch if it’s yours. 6:55 PM UPDATE: Reunited. Yay!

Halloween countdown: Prowling for pumpkin prowess

If you haven’t bought your jack-o-lantern pumpkin(s) yet, you might want to check out Erik’s Alki Pumpkin Patch before dusk. As for those of you who not only have pumpkins but have also carved them, share your pix with WSB-land! Here’s the first batch, courtesy of the Grr Family:



Another condo conversion christened


In the tradition of Graham Street Apartments=Strata, etc., yet another California Avenue condo conversion has its fancy new name. The lettering above for West Water has just appeared on all the exterior fancying-up that workers have been doing at the former Watermarke Apartments (6960-6970 California, chronicled here in August and in September) for the past several weeks. West Water’s future website promises these will, of course, be “luxury condominiums.” (Found the complex’s pre-conversion sales price, $13 million, on this site, along with sales data on several other WS buildings we are now researching. EARLY MONDAY ADDENDUM: That brokerage site also has a blog, with what appears to be the behind-the-scenes story of this building’s sale.) Before/after pix (not the same exact angle but close enough) — one month ago, then today:



Zoning code change today, neighborhood change tomorrow

Earlier this month, the city invited citizens to an event to learn about the “multi-family code (zoning) update” in the works. It wasn’t in West Seattle but it was for the whole city; the topic may sound dry but for all the times we’ve all talked about development and zoning and city regulations and how did project X get through and … it’s important. Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO) president Erica Karlovits went to that event and kindly shared notes so we can all have the details of what was discussed, what these changes might mean for development here (and citywide), and what you might want to contact the City Council about before they vote on all this in the coming months:Read More

Spectacular Saturday sunset

Remember the wild lightning-storm shots last month from Joe LeBlanc? This time (thanks, Joe!), he is sharing incredible views — again from Alki Point — of last night’s sunset: