Slog takes on Alki nightlife, again

The Stranger’s bodacious blog paid a visit to The Beach and concluded that anyone whining about Alki nightlife trouble should pretty much just shut their pie hole. They checked back on last year’s controversy spots; guess they hadn’t heard about this year’s radio-fueled controversy spot, which the Alki Beach Community group on Yahoo! has been discussing for a couple weeks.

1 Reply to "<em>Slog</em> takes on Alki nightlife, again"

  • Jan July 18, 2007 (11:42 am)

    I’ve lived in West Seattle for 32 years, and have watched it grow. After reading and listening about some of the clubs downtown, the fights, the mayhem, the shootings, etc., West Seattle’s night life seems tame in comparison. Did the people who live on Alki really think that things would never change? that this would be their own little private beach community? I lived a block from Alki a few years ago, not far from where Celtic Swell is now (was Liberty Deli, then)…the biggest excitement I remember was when a guy drove his car through the Alki Bakery…and I never heard it, even living just down the street. I avoid the area on sunny days, especially the weekends, preferring to go around the point to Emma Schmitz Park if I need to get my dose of Vit. D…

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