day : 30/06/2007 2 results

Almost out of sight, but not out of mind

If you look between the townhomes almost complete on the controversial site across from Seattle International (formerly Gatewood Baptist) Church, you can still — for now — see the old house neighbors know as the “hunting lodge.”


But maybe not for long. The empty space, which was given the address 7204 Cali, is where two more townhouse buildings are supposed to go; those buildings probably would be as close to completion as their bookends, if not for feisty neighborhood pushback. First, neighbors protested the lack of environmental review of the townhouse projects (scroll down for details), which were processed separately rather than as one big new clump of housing. Then they chimed in about concerns that the “hunting lodge” will no longer be visible from Cali; their concerns are noted in this city memo about the project dated earlier this month. The latest ruling went against them and for the project, but an appeal’s been filed, and an “appeal hearing” is set for July 16.

Pro-Charlestown picketing today

heartchaztown1.jpgCan the Charlestown Cafe stay in its longtime home, or will the property owner continue the process of booting it so a big-box store can move in? Today’s the day Charlestown supporters plan to make some noise with a picketing demonstration along Cali in front of the restaurant. Lots of info, and downloadable sign art (example at left), at Our Town West Seattle. (P.S. to demonstration attendees: If you take picketing pix and post them to your own site or a gallery site like Flickr, please leave a comment here afterward, with a link; we’ll be away from the computer much of the day and unable to post anything you send us directly.)