Viaduct vote still a go

At least, so says West Seattle’s Most Famous Politician. (Yeah, we know the ballots already have been printed, but couldn’t we save a few thou on postage? On counting?)

2 Replies to "Viaduct vote still a go"

  • CandrewB February 14, 2007 (8:30 pm)

    OK, I’ll throw my two cents in… I love the functionality of the Viaduct but absolutely hate its imposition on the City’s focal point.

    With oil supplies and future transportation alternatives, it may not be wise to jump into any 50-100 year megaproject for the next 10 years. Why not retrofit it and then spend a billion or two on the numerous little fixes that screw up traffic throughout the city, eg. the NB merge onto I5 from the WS Bridge, I5 shuffling in the downtown core…

    Then, PAINT the exoskeleton of the viaduct, something bold, blue or green. Yes, it would be putting lipstick on a pig, but we would have a better looking pig. Anything would be better than the current sooty, bare concrete, Khruschev-style structure. Would you look at the Golden Gate Bridge with admiration if it was dirty gray?

  • flipjack February 14, 2007 (10:33 pm)

    DOWN with Mayor Gridlock and his self serving development pandering. The guy has eaten enough La Rustica legs of lamb and pork chops paid for by us taxpayers…time for him and his bloated neck and bloated ideas to be gone. (sorry I don’t have a solution for this problem)

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