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Yet another historic West Seattle house is on the market — a side note on this article reveals that this is your big chance to buy the “Hainsworth House” (our WS History page has a link to its backstory). And as far as we can tell, nobody’s ponied up yet for Beach Drive’s historic Satterlee House or its acreage-riffic front yard — but there’s been a price cut; the SH listing is now down to $995K, from $1.2m, where it had been since splitting off from the no-price-cut-yet front yard (originally last summer the two were bundled for $3m).

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  • Robert January 23, 2007 (11:24 am)

    Just a thought – Why doesn’t the City buy the Hainsworth House and make it the Mayoral Mansion? It has a commanding view of the city, quick access for his/her honor to get downtown, lots of room and grounds mayoral parties, and just happens to be in West Seattle…

  • Tracy S. January 23, 2007 (11:36 am)

    Ok…I don’t mean to upset anyone but I would be THRILLED if someone purchased the Hainsworth House and turned it into a B&B…something quiet and unassuming. No events…just guests. Hey, I can dream, can’t I :)

  • Robert January 23, 2007 (2:27 pm)


    Probably comes down to the defintion of “event”. It’s my understanding there were weddings back in the 90’s when H. House was a B&B.

  • MsF January 23, 2007 (3:00 pm)

    Tracy, if that’s the house I think it is, someone DID buy it and had planned to do just that (turn it into a B&B). I believe it’s the same owner who stepped in and bailed out the Alki Homestead (which has improved food, is a fun place to dine but has been kept true to the wishes of its previous owner, if you haven’t tried it lately). He was going to renovate the mansion and turn it into a B&B; it apparently needs lots of work. But the immediate neighbors raised a stink, and now he has to sell it. As far as I know, there’s nothing keeping the next owner from subdividing the property, or letting it remain in disrepair.

  • MsF January 23, 2007 (3:03 pm)

    The MLS listing says it’s “subject to inspection”, so I guess it’s almost sold again. Hopefully the new owner will keep it a single family residence (but don’t expect a B&B).

  • Robert January 23, 2007 (3:32 pm)

    If not a B&B, owning the “Hainsworth House” would be a labor of love since it must cost $$$ to keep up. We all love to say we love old homes, but a mansion this size would be quite a burden to maintain. I believe the property is on some kind of city registry so it can’t be torn down or subdivided.

  • Tracy S. January 23, 2007 (4:35 pm)

    I remember when the Homestead owner was talking about renovating…I think the plan was to turn it into a B&B AND a venue for weddings and such. I think the wedding thing is what caused the issue. It’s very sad…I’d love to have someplace for friends and family to stay near my house when they visit. My little cottage is just too small! There are such limited options for guest housing in Admiral! Oh well. Thanks!

  • add January 23, 2007 (7:26 pm)

    Tracy – here is a cool place that might be a fun option for your guests:

  • Bubba January 23, 2007 (7:53 pm)

    the renovation on that place would easily match the listing price; it’s been abused by the previous-previous owners (the ones who tried the B&B thing) At that price if you “do the math” and count the rooms it can’t ‘pencil out’ to a profitable B&B. So I’d look for a wealthy owner with a real love of old homes and restoration work to make a move on it. (re: pending).

    For a B&B in WS check out Villa Heidelberg

  • Robert January 26, 2007 (7:31 am)

    A “little birdie” told me that it may be going into a foreclosure auction.

  • Jo January 28, 2007 (10:16 am)

    A very good source told me that the small brick cottage located on 61st Ave SW (in Alki, across from Homestead Restaurant, and smack-dab between two apartments) is being renovated as a ‘bed-and-breakfast,’ without the ‘breakfast’ part I presume. If something like this is successful, I can see others following suit. I live just a half block away, so will keep an eye out and let you know how it goes.

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