Tree spree: WS-wide price check

Drum roll … we’ve completed our one-day tour of West Seattle Christmas-tree sellers (yes, “Christmas trees,” not holiday trees, sigh). From the Holy Rosary lot in the north, to the 28th & Roxbury lot in the south, here’s what we found:

CHEAPEST GOOD-QUALITY TREES: $13 for flimsy-but-fresh Chubby-n-Tubby-style Douglas firs of varying heights at West Seattle Nursery. The nursery also had good-sized thickly needled D-first around $25. Runner-up in this category, Home Depot on Delridge, with nice 7′ Douglas or Grand firs and 5′-ish Noble firs for around $30.

Tony’s (35th & Barton) … we think. No tags on the trees, no price list posted; the guys working the lot were too crazy-busy to answer questions; the person at the register ventured to say she thought Noble firs were $10-$12 per foot but wasn’t entirely sure and didn’t know anything else. Personalized pricing, I guess. (We have quoted this lot in the past and also noted high prices. But a nice selection, to be sure. And the only place you can get flocked trees. Funny the trees are expensive, since the produce Tony’s sells the rest of the year is very low-priced.)

TREES THAT BENEFIT OTHERS: The Holy Rosary lot has beneficiaries (WS Helpline and Hickman House). (We thought “Donna’s Trees” outside Westwood QFC – whose D-fir prices are fairly reasonable, $29 for the 5′-ish and $33 for the 6′-ish – did as well, but can’t find proof to back that up.) None of the other sellers appeared to have any nonprofit aspects.

SCANTIEST SELECTION: Both WS Rite-Aids selling trees, in Westwood Village and on Cali Ave south of the Junction, had just a handful when we stopped by. Outside the WV Rite-Aid, a couple shoppers were heard sniffing, “We bought one here before and had to replace it before Christmas.” WV had only D-firs left, $20 for the 5′-ish trees and $30 for the 6′-ish trees; the RA on Cali had one N-fir, 7′-ish, for $60.

WHAT WE LEARNED ABOUT NOBLE FIRS: There are two kinds, “natural” and “plantation.” The latter is denser. The former has more space between tiers of branches. The only place I found more than a few of the “natural” types was “Turnbull’s Trees” next to Sally’s Beauty Supply in Westwood Village. (Its sign touting $7/foot for N-firs refers to those particular types; the other types are $9/foot.)

OUR NEW FAVORITE CHRISTMAS TREE TYPE: Fraser firs, misspelled at just about every lot where we found them. Beautiful blue-green underside to the branches. Turnbull’s at WV has them for $8/foot; the tree-seller on the west side of the Roxbury Safeway parking lot has them for varying prices which we failed to write down in the morning downpour; TrueValue has them for about $8/foot; WSN carries them too.

BIG-TREE BARGAIN: TrueValue has 8′-9′ Noble firs on sale for an extra 10% off, resulting in a price around $65.

We’ll do a little more math for price breakdowns to post on the Holiday Stuff page. Keep in mind, this completely nonscientific price survey was done today, and these prices of course could well change by the time you go find your tree. And let us know if you’ve made any discoveries that we didn’t!

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  • Jen December 9, 2006 (7:35 pm)

    No new discoveries from me, but I can confirm that Tony’s easily has the most expensive Noble firs in WS (don’t know about their prices on other varieties). To their credit, their trees were gorgeous, well-shaped and very fresh. We were given the $10-12 per foot price, too, though for the taller trees we asked about (10 to 12 feet), the spread was higher – more like $14-15 per foot. We ended up getting a lovely 8’+ Noble Fir at WS Nursery for $65.

  • The House December 10, 2006 (1:55 pm)

    Opted to go the Vashon route again….if I’m spending $65-80 for a tree I want to have some fun doing it. Went to Mitchell’s Christmas Tree Farm (just recently purhased by someone besides Mitchell, so it will change names next year) on Vashon and made the day of it over there!

    Selecting and cutting your own is much more fun then simply buying one at Tony’s (no offense…I love you guys) or Rite Aid!

  • Jiggers December 10, 2006 (2:44 pm)

    Xmas trees taken fown at Sea-Tac Airport because the are offensive said a Rabbi..lmao!! So politically correct. One man ruins the fun for everyone.

  • The House December 10, 2006 (3:36 pm)

    First let me state that I am a non-practicing Jew (born to 2 Jewish parents). When I first read this SeaTac article, I couldn’t believe the officials caved. As long as your religion makes up less than 3% of our total population, deal with a CHRISTMAS TREE!!

    The real losers are the officials at SEA-TAC…take a stand. Sit down with the Rabbi over one of the pork hot dogs they sell at the airport and tell him to stick it.

  • Ms_F December 10, 2006 (5:18 pm)

    Did you read the article? If you did, you’d see that the Xmas trees were taken down by the Port because the Port didn’t want to put up a Menorah, thinking that meant they would have to represent every and all religious groups (even though as far as I know, only Christmas and Hanukah are celebrated right now). The rabbi didn’t say anything about Christmas trees being offensive.

  • The House December 10, 2006 (10:03 pm)

    Ms_F, I did read the article. The rabbi didn’t verbally state that he was offended, but his actions appear to suggest he was offended (the article clearly states that he and his lawyer threatened a lawsuit).

  • Jiggers December 11, 2006 (7:53 am)

    I remember hearing that he said it was offensive on the news but forgot what station said that. Apparentley the idiot didn’t do his homework on the history of the Xmas tree. Port Authority at Sea-Tac should have just left them up and let him waste his time and efforts in trying to file a lawsuit. I would bet that it would have got thrown out of court. Rabbi Grinch.

  • asdf December 11, 2006 (9:44 pm)

    Whatever the Port is doing, _this_ is the Blog that Saved Christmas.

    After three thwarted attempts to get a tree late Sunday (U-cut place closed a few minutes before we got there; Tony’s at 35th and Barton was horrendously expensive; Ikea was out), we found this post Monday morning.

    We got a great 5′ Noble from West Seattle Nursery tonight for about $35.

  • Jiggers December 12, 2006 (11:00 am)

    The trees went back up late last night…lmao!!

  • Ms_F December 13, 2006 (1:04 am)

    RE the message above: just because the rabbi was offended that his own holiday was NOT represented, doesn’t mean that he was offended that Christmas was. It was stupid to threaten a law suit, but is doesn’t seem right that the idiot(s) at the Port who made the decision to take the trees down don’t get any flack. How horrible would it have been to add a menorah (which I believe was going to be donated for free)? What nonsense. Oh well. Thank goodness Christmas is saved.

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