Another promise

City Light’s latest online update, timestamped 10 am, says 4,900 customers are still out, 99% of the system is in service, and “the majority of City Light customers will be restored … by midnight.” Well, if you want to be technical about it, the “majority” has been restored for a long time (given a majority is anything past 50%). A reader in the Fauntleroy/Raymond pocket reports being told 17 crews are “in the area” working; we’re going to go see who we find where. One other interesting reader comment this morning, in response to questions about why the mayor hasn’t been making public statements — a reader claims the mayor’s reportedly “been ill.” If anyone knows that for sure, send us a note and we’ll keep it anonymous (which we do anyway with e-mail, as opposed to comments right on the blog, which are automatically anonymous if you choose not to “sign” your name); would love to know why he hasn’t been out in the still-out neighborhoods.

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  • lightsplash December 21, 2006 (1:41 pm)

    According to the P-I, Nickels, “home sick Thursday, monitored the storm from his West Seattle home”.
    Quoting from the article, published Saturday:
    “We’ll be taking steps to help folks who find themselves in a home that is cold because of lack of power.” Nickels said.
    Nickels said he was “pleased” with the city’s emergency response to the flooding, outages and landslides.
    “We were ready to go, and they got out there. I think the response has been very good,” Nickels said.
    What steps were taken to help you? Were you “pleased” with the city’s response? Do you consider it “very good”?
    Maybe His Honor has not been out to take a look, because he thinks everything is okey-dokey. Do you agree?

  • Administrator December 21, 2006 (1:49 pm)

    Thursday was a week ago. While out and about a little while ago, we heard a radio report about Gregoire and Sims visiting still-out Eastside neighborhoods today.

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