A cry in the darkness

Thanks to the reader who mentioned this sign at Highland Park Way & Othello … a few thousand West Seattleites can sympathize:


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  • dq December 20, 2006 (4:47 pm)

    has anyone heard anything from the mayor?
    why hasn’t the city stepped forward and tried to help those of us who are still – nearly 7 days later – without power? why is it that we have to rely on our friends, private shelters and the radio station to get us in touch with food, water and warmth?
    i have called my city councilman on Monday(Rasmussen) who lives on my street, and who does have power (although the rest of us on the street do not) and he hasn’t bothered to respond yet. he left us all a nice handwritten note on Sunday and that was that.

  • Administrator December 20, 2006 (4:55 pm)

    Which street are you on? If you don’t want to mention it here, you can e-mail us from the “about WS” tab above. As for the mayor, good question. A Google News search reveals no indexed comments from him regarding the outages (nor does his official page on the city website).

  • Eric December 20, 2006 (7:51 pm)


    You do not have a City Councilman – they are all elected at large and answer to the entire city at large. A major flaw of Seattle’s governmental makeup and quite likely the reason the City isn’t doing much in the way of communicating with people. It would be wonderful if West Seattle could elect their own councilperson to the city council.

    For everyone whining about this… get a clue.
    If you hadn’t learned from Katrina, you should know by now – the government is not here to help you. And that’s just fine.

    I had no power for 5 days and did just fine, thank you. As did several thousand of my neighbors. I was disgusted listening to the people call in on KIRO all weekend complaining and whining. I know there are truly people that are not able to help themselves, but most everyone I heard was pretty much just whining.

    A little personal responsibility and preparedness goes a long way!

  • dq December 21, 2006 (8:57 am)

    Eric – we are still staying in our house and doing just fine too, thank you, even though we are on day 7 with no power. (due to our personal responsibility and preparedness.) because the government is supposed to be our leadership, it would be nice to have, at least, some acknowledgement of our situation. (as you pointed out, we have had very little, if any, communication from our leaders.)

  • Eric December 21, 2006 (12:11 pm)

    Ah… the City Council is doing their important work right now. Like this: http://www.seattle.gov/council/newsdetail.asp?ID=6842&Dept=28

    Good to know they are still hard at work for the people of this city!

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