Welcome to blogland

The West Seattle Library (Admiral branch) just launched its own blog, after a citywide in-service day where library workers discussed blogging, among other things. We usually wait a while to see if blogs will live or die, before adding a link here, but this is such a worthy one, we’ll add it to our WS Blogs page now with optimism and good wishes. (TUES. UPDATE: As a comment points out, this blog seems to have gone back undercover since we detected it via Google Blogsearch.)

4 Replies to "Welcome to blogland"

  • weekofgeek November 6, 2006 (6:17 pm)

    Blog link doesn’t work.

  • weekofgeek November 7, 2006 (11:03 pm)

    Well, what did it say? What mysterious librarianish secrets did you glimpse?

  • Administrator November 8, 2006 (3:18 am)

    Nothing of the sort when it was public. (Now I found a different link where they tried out Blogger, then just posted something pointing to the pw-protected WP blog. Like getting your driver’s license, I guess.) Just some helpful infoblurbs about voting, and “welcome to our blog.”

  • Wally Bubelis November 10, 2006 (1:33 pm)

    Hi, I’m the one who set up the Blogger blog and then the WordPress blog for the West Seattle Library. You folks are quick to notice!

    We had to take it from public to staff-only so we can get some practice blogging and figure out our policies and practices.

    When we go live again, I will let you know. Thanks for the free (if ephemeral) publicity!

    Wally Bubelis
    Teen Services Librarian
    West Seattle Library

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