Day on the water

Despite not being boat owners, we managed to get out on the water anyway — started the day with a ferry ride, ended it with a Water Taxi trip.

Inbetween, some snags and some sightings:

SNAG: Wanted to have lunch at the new Cactus on Alki. We even called — twice — to make sure it would be open for lunch. We were assured yes, it would be. Then we showed up … nope, not open. Through the open roller doors, workers told us, no, it would only be open tonight for dinner. Bummer. We proceeded to Bamboo, which we’d never tried, believe it or not. (Having now tried it, I don’t believe we were missing anything. The sand under the outdoor tables is a nice touch, but the food was meh.)

SNAG: Since we planned to be downtown a few hours, we were glad to hear the Water Taxi was running into the evening. Unfortunately, we discovered belatedly that its transit connections did NOT run into the evening — the shuttle to the Junction stopped about half an hour before we returned, and no regular Metro buses were running past Seacrest. If we hadn’t had someone to call for a ride home, we’d still be walking.

SIGHTING: Still not entirely sure what kind of store “Divina” (north of Hotwire & its adjoining dentists) is meant to be, but it’s now posted as opening tomorrow.

SIGHTING: Interesting things tacked to the front glass of Liberty Bell Printing — a frantic note pleading for the new Homestead menus not to be printed because of some kind of error — and a month-old “lost bird” flyer that says the bird FLEW THE COUP. (Which coup was that, I wonder — have to go catch up on my international news.)

SIGHTING: Dall’s porpoises from the ferry, jumping fish from the Water Taxi. What a cool life.

2 Replies to "Day on the water"

  • campbell September 5, 2006 (3:45 pm)

    taking the ferry back from southworth to fauntleroy on sunday, we saw one these porpoises too! at first we thought it was a big sea lion or something. then we noticed the way it was swimming. now i know what we saw. how cool!

  • Jo Ofsthus September 8, 2006 (12:22 pm)

    I ate at Cactus last Sunday Night. Excellent food, excellent service, not-excellent noise level. Yikes. It was a hot night and all the doors were open, can’t even imagine what it’ll be like when they have to close them.
    Noticed that the lease sign is down on the adjoining space to Cactus. Looks like construction is going on. Any gossip on that? I live on Alki and we’ve not heard anything. It has sort of slipped past us.

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