Your West Seattle Blog team (reachable 24/7 at 206/293-6302) is:

Tracy Record, co-publisher/editor

Patrick Sand, co-publisher/business-development director

WSB’s recent contributing reporters, editors, photojournalists/photographers, researchers include:
Nick Adams
Christopher Boffoli
Callan Carow
Katie Meyer
Jason Grotelueschen
Keri DeTore
Karen Berge

Special thanks to technical consultant Stuart Maxwell for HUGE help 2007-2008, including launching WSB Forums; and to our subsequent tech consultants, who we’ll call Ace Tech Guy. And also thanks to WSB legal consultant Venkat Balasubramani.

Other contributors: EVERYONE in West Seattle who collaborates to make WSB the place to come to find out what’s going on in West Seattle right now – with e-mail tips, photos, comments, more. THANK YOU!

WSB HONORED WITH NATIONAL AWARD – Online News Association’s 2010 Online Journalism Award for Community Collaboration!
Also in 2010: CityClub “People’s Choice Award”
KING 5 “Best of Western Washington”
Seattle Magazine “Reader’s Choice Award”
Seattle Weekly “Best of the Web”
West Seattle Chamber of Commerce “Business of the Year” (awarded April 2010 for 2009)

(WSB editor TR covering whale death at Arroyo Beach, 4/15/10, photo by Christopher Boffoli)

Journalism is not an institution, it’s a practice — Kathy Gill

If I’m not having an adventure, I’m not trying hard enough – Johnathon Fitzpatrick (aka @jjtweets)

People often tell me that they want to start their own business, they just need an idea. What they really need is to just start doing something — Rob May

Don’t complain. Just work harder — Dr. Randy Pausch

News is a process, not a product — Doc Searls, Terry Heaton, et al

A reporter doesn’t have a right to be tired — David Halberstam



(Patrick and Tracy accepting a 2008 Citizen Appreciation Award 8/19/08 from Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske, left, and Southwest Precinct Lt. Steve Paulsen)

About Tracy & Patrick:
We came to West Seattle in 1991, with California plates on our car (drawing an immediate warning to ditch them quick). We rented a Beach Drive condo for our first two years here, then became Upper Fauntleroy homeowners in 1993 (right across the city’s official
borderline for Gatewood). We are proud parents of one son, aka “Junior Member of the Team.”

trcasualsmall.jpgTracy’s bio:
Tracy Record has worked to hunt, gather, process, analyze, and share information in a multitude of media pretty much around the clock since age 17. Most recently, she was assistant news director at KCPQ-TV here in Seattle, a position she resigned in December 2007 to work on WSB full-time. Before that, Tracy spent 2 years with the Walt Disney Internet Group in roles including executive producer of ABCNEWS.com. That followed 8 years at KOMO-TV, where she left as its first-ever executive producer of new media. Before that: TV stations, newspapers, and radio stations in California, Nevada, and Colorado, and 3 Emmy Awards along the way. She goes by “TR” too, so that’s how you’ll see e-mail signed. Before WSB, Tracy’s experience with blog-format writing included humanspellcheck.com, which now lives on only in the Wayback Machine.

ps.jpgPatrick’s bio:
More than 25 years ago, Patrick Sand set aside the glamour and excitement that is being an announcer at a beautiful-music station, to sell advertising. As our advertisers can attest, the experience gained since then has largely been wasted on him. Mr. Sand and a close friend also operated a small ad agency for a few years. “We thought it would be a total babe magnet,” he said, “Boy, were we wrong about that.”

On the Internet front, The Sales Guy has been blogging since 2000 and was one of the first 300 beta testers for TypePad, Six Apart’s hosted publishing service. “Each of the blogs I maintained was such a roaring success that today I represent someone else’s blog.”

If you’re interested in placing an ad on West Seattle Blog or hearing one of Patrick’s tales of being an elevator-music DJ (all of which can never be mistaken for the stories about the time Led Zeppelin stayed at The Edgewater), please drop him a line at patrick@wsbsales.com or call 206/293-6302.

P.S. from Tracy: Patrick didn’t mention it and you didn’t hear it from me, but he has a journalism degree.

juniormembernewpic.jpgJunior Member of the Team’s bio:
Our well-dressed creative director & graphics consultant is the only West Seattle native in the family and also is a self-taught PhotoShop whiz as well as a proud graduate of West Seattle’s own Lafayette Elementary School (where Ms. Rollins, Mr. Ferris, Ms. Bloom, Ms. Turner, and others just plain rock!).



TR on TechFlash inaugural “Top 100 Women in Seattle Tech” list, May 2009
TR guesting on City Inside/Out, Seattle Channel show, May 2009 (here’s the video link)
Daily Weekly 2/27/09, “West Seattle Blog Is So Hot Right Now”
Recession? Local news sites are hanging tough, Online Journalism Review, 2/26/09
“Here’s why blogs are taking over,” Wired Journalists, 2/20/09
Tracy speaking to the Knight Digital Media Center Technical Tools fellows in Berkeley, 2/18/09
The great goat caper: KIRO story here, SPDBlotter version here
TR participates in Seattle City Council committee hearing on Seattle’s news-media changes (video is on this page; our six-minute “speech” is about 68 minutes in)
Kind words and a big screen-grab from veteran Seattle news manager Chuck Taylor, 1/16/09
Patrick guests on KUOW’s “The Conversation” as it tackles the future of the news business, 1/15/09
“Don’t Call Them Bloggers,” ReJurno, January 2009 (related link: WSB case study)
2-part interview with TR on Online Community Strategist, December 2008 (here and here)
TR participating in “Sound Off for Action” forum at UW, 10/30/08 (video available here)
WSB featured on Seattle Channel’s 10/23/08 episode of “City Stream”
Tracy featured on Seattle Magazine’s annual “Power 25” list
WSB featured on LostRemote.com again, 9/2008
National Civic Review article about “neighborhood blogging” spotlights WSB among others
Tracy interviewed for TechNewsWorld column, 9/2008
Video of City Club “neighborhood blogs” panel with Tracy participating, 9/2008
P-I coverage of Seattle Police Citizen Appreciation Awards, 8/2008
“Best Neighborhood Blog” in Seattle Weekly’s “Best of 2008” (staff pick, writeup here; readers’ pick, writeup here)
“The granddaddy of neighborhood blogs,” Surrounded by Water dubs WSB (September 2008)
Tracy on KUOW in the final few minutes of a discussion about online comment anonymity, 8/20/08 (audio is archived here)
“Everything Important Is Local,” Chief Seattle Geek Blog, August 2008
TR quoted in NYT re: Olympics broadcast delay (not WSB-related but semi-fun)
Tracy on KUOW, 6/30/08 (audio is online here)
Tracy’s Rain City Radio guest appearance, 6/2008
Audio of hourlong taping at end of “Journalism That Matters: New Pamphleteers/New Journalists, A Passion for Place” conference, with Tracy participating, 6/2008
WSB featured on Crosscut, 6/2008
Lost Remote lauds late-night shooting coverage, 5/2008
“Strange doorknocker” story hits the tube, 4/2008
Flip the Media UW class minidocumentary on WSB, 3/2008
WSB wins Metroblogging Seattle blog tournament, 3/2008
NATAS Monitor, 2/2008
Michael Fancher’s Seattle Times blog, 1/23/08
Seattle Works spotlights our West Seattle Elementary Day of Service coverage, 1/22/08
Feet First site spotlights our crossing-guard report, 1/22/08
Ryan Blethen’s Seattle Times blog, 1/14/08
Danny Westneat’s Seattle Times column, 1/13/08
Notes from a Teacher, 12/18/07
Lost Remote, 12/17/07
Citizen Rain, 12/11/07
Best of Western Washington winners, KING5.com, 2007


(Patrick from WSB at far right: Who needs a five-digit-pricetag video camera? Our 3-digit model does just fine)


(TR from WSB at left, similar situation outside Gatewood Elementary, photo courtesy Robert Mak)



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