West Seattle Blog Crime Watch archive through 6/30/10

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6/30/2010: Highland Park beating-case update

6/28/2010: Grungy car? Thieves don’t care – and other cases

6/25/2010: 3 cases from the inbox

6/23/2010: 1 arrest confirmed in Alki disturbances

6/22/2010: Major police response after fights on Alki

6/18/2010: From WSB Forums – volleyball net reported stolen from Alki

6/17/2010: Crime Watch report roundup

6/15/2010: Crime Prevention Council meeting report: Latest crime trends; City Attorney

6/14/2010: Arrests in robbery, burglary

6/13/2010: Times update on Highland Park beating, plus newest WS reports from SPD website

6/12/2010: Saturday roundup – three reader reports

6/11/2010: Home-invasion robbery at 15th/Henderson

6/10/2010: Followup: 3 arrested in 29th/Trenton incident, 2 victims were beaten, not shot

6/9/2010: “Assault with weapons” call at 29th/Trenton; 1 taken to hospital

6/9/2010: Today’s roundup – Roxhill Park attack reported, plus three reader reports

6/8/2010: The newest roundup – car prowl and burglary attempt reported via e-mail, plus the latest from the police-report system

6/5/2010: Would-be car prowler?

6/3/2010: 2 reports, plus SPD news that some reports are now available online

6/2/10: Stolen car found

6/1/10: Viking Bank robbed in The Junction

6/1/10: Highland Park beating – transcribed police narrative

5/30/10: Stolen “lifeline” car found

5/29/10: Car-prowler confrontation; suspicious sighting

5/28/10: SWAT standoff in Highland Park

5/26/10: Wire thieves, metal thieves, “Burglary #3”

5/24/10: Stolen car found on its side

5/23/10: 2 stolen cars reported

5/22/10: Break-ins and plant theft

5/21/10: Burglary suspect arrested, others sought in North Admiral

5/19/10: Latest West Seattle crime stats

5/19/10: Three updates

5/18/10: Burglary interrupted, 2 suspects arrested

5/17/10: Car break-ins; bicycle theft

5/16/10: White Center shooting followup

5/13/10: 2 car break-ins on Harbor Ave, one home break-in in Highland Park

5/12/10: Arrest in The Junction – man who turned out NOT to be armed

5/11/10: Police officer talks about Junction crime concerns

5/9/10: Car thief steals cancer patient’s lifeline

5/9/10: Car prowlers, wire thieves

5/7/10: 2 theft alerts – car and mail

5/6/10: Admiral Bank of America robbery suspect captured; assault suspect sought after clerk hit at Admiral 7-11

5/5/10: Admiral Bank of America robbed

5/5/2010: Junction KeyBank robber strikes again

5/4/2010: Burglary, plus “drunken plant thief”

5/2/2010: 3 reports – car theft, car prowlers, home burglary

4/30/2010: Intruder on cam, and three other reports

4/27/2010: Metal scavengers? plus, sign stolen

4/26/2010: Stolen Civic DX hatchback

4/24/2010: Boat stolen near Lincoln Park

4/23/2010: Burglary alert; suspected drug deals

4/23/2010: Woman stabbed, man arrested

4/22/2010: Arrest after bank glass broken

4/20/2010: More numbers; 2 reports

4/19/2010: Latest West Seattle crime trends

4/17/2010: Store clerk stops thief

4/16/2010: Car prowl x 2; thank-you note from burglarized business

4/14/2010: Arrest followup; two new reports (burglary, suspected car prowlers)

4/10/2010: Fencing, table stolen from Slices on Alki

4/9/2010: Wheel-stealers strike, plus, burglar scared away

4/8/2010: Arrest in The Junction

4/6/2010: Reported by seattlepi.com: Woman accused of trying to pimp teens from Gatewood apartment

4/6/2010: Photos of Junction KeyBank robber

4/5/2010: Car break-ins, gate vandalism

4/5/2010: Junction KeyBank robbed, third time in less than a year

4/2/2010: Pigeon Point signpost stolen

4/1/2010: Highland Park burglary pattern, plus 3 robberies

3/30/2010: Four Crime Watch reports, including a Lincoln Park vehicle break-in

3/30/2010: White Center burglar search (helicopters and all)

3/29/2010: Suspect arrested in February Admiral Jack in the Box holdup

3/29/2010: Admiral crime stats

3/26/2010: 3 break-ins, and a victim’s advice for you

3/25/2010: 2 vandalism cases – one involving a church break-in

3/24/2010: 3 break-ins

3/23/2010: Dentist’s sign vandalized

3/22/2010: Car vandalism; bike, scooter stolen

3/22/2010: Another egg attack

3/20/2010: Two suspicion-stirring sightings

3/19/2010: Art theft, car break-in

3/17/2010: Car theft; “suspicious transaction”

3/13/2010: Car theft; suspected casing

3/11/2010: Car break-ins in The Triangle, burglary in Highland Park, burglary attempt in Admiral

3/10/2010: Junction police response explained

3/10/2010: Burglaries in one neighborhood

3/9/2010: Pilfered pushcart

3/8/2010: Suspect arrested in West Seattle bank-robbery attempt

3/6/2010: Package theft

3/4/2010: Car-prowl alert and 2 home break-ins

3/3/2010: Car broken into, ransacked

3/1/2010: Followup – no evidence of shots in Pigeon Point; neighbors say Alki was fireworks

2/28/2010: Suspected shots heard in two West Seattle neighborhoods

2/27/2010: Ryan Cox pleads guilty, released from jail

2/27/2010: Two car break-ins, and a followup

2/26/2010: Stolen bike (with photo)

2/25/2010: Car window shattered

2/23/2010: Bag stolen from car by West Seattle (Admiral) Library

2/19/10: Shots fired, no one hit; possible prowler in Arbor Heights

2/17/10: Three arrested in connection with graffiti vandalism

2/17/10: Police response at Roxhill Park

2/17/10: Newest West Seattle crime stats

2/16/10: 2 cases – break-in at West Seattle Cellars; vintage bicycle stolen from Marine View Drive home

2/15/10: Stolen truck’s hit-run crash damages cars on 35th SW

2/12/10: Shots fired in Westwood, plus three other reports

2/10/10: 3 crime reports, plus Block Watch talk

2/9/10: 7-11 robbery caught on camera

2/8/10: Followup with more details on Jack in the Box robbery

2/8/10: Car stolen near Admiral/42nd

2/8/10: Admiral Jack-in-the-Box robbed

2/7/10: Burglary victim shares tips

2/6/10: From SeattleCrime.com: Attempted robbery, shot fired by Westcrest Park

2/4/10: Robbery reported at Super 24

2/3/10: Drug bust, break-in, stolen signs

2/2/10: Super 24 robbery, Admiral stabbing attempt

2/2/10: White Center’s under-new-ownership Hang Around reports burglary, invites customers to “recovery party”

2/2/10: Bank robbery attempt in Morgan Junction

2/1/10: Burglaries next door to each other

1/31/10: Suspected mail theft, plus two break-ins

1/29/10: Police stop alleged drunk, speeding driver after bridge pursuit

1/29/10: Strong-arm robbers take car, wallet in Westwood

1/29/10: Drunk driver pleads guilty in crash that hurt Jade West Cafe owner and son

1/28/10: Early-morning armed robbery at California/Andover mini-mart

1/28/10: Car break-in

1/27/10: Burglars hit Again and a Gain consignment store

1/27/10: Charges filed in Tukwila attack on Metro bus driver from Alki

1/26/10: NO teen burglary gang, police say

1/26/10: Burglary reports

1/25/10: Wheel-stealers strike again

1/25/10: SeattleCrime.com: Man stabbed after beer stolen by robbers at bus stop

1/24/10: Searching for a hit-run suspect

1/23/10: Three car-prowl reports

1/22/10: Suspected stolen mail dumped in Arbor Heights

1/20/10: What the police search in The Junction was about

1/19/10: West Seattle crime trends (in coverage of Crime Prevention Council meeting)

1/18/10: Crime Prevention Council talks traffic on Tuesday night

1/14/10: Two notes from police – scam alert, 35th enforcement

1/14/10: WSB’er suggests linking this here – police trying to match owners to big find of stolen items along I-5

1/11/10: From SeattleCrime.com: A reported sexual assault/robbery in the Westcrest Park area

1/10/10: Advice from a burglary victim

1/9/10: Stolen car found

1/8/10: Sunrise Heights car break-in

1/6/10: Arrest on The Bridge, plus three reports

1/5/10: 1 arrest, 2 crime reports, plus 1 victim’s message to “her” burglars

1/5/10: More Seaview “scavenging”

1/4/10: 2 followups from the weekend

1/2/10: Seen this stolen car?

1/2/10: Burglary arrests on The Bridge

1/1/10: Vandalism, car-prowl reports

1/1/10: Followup on West Seattle Bridge crash: Driver suspected of DUI

12/29/09: Three break-in reports

12/27/09: Vandals damage Christmas/New Year’s luminarias at St. John the Baptist Church

12/24/09: Two break-ins, including one at ArtsWest

12/23/09: Be on the lookout for suspected metal thief

12/22/09: Suspected totem-pole thief arrested again, North Admiral home searched

12/20/09: 2 Crime Watch notes

12/19/09: West Seattleite’s car stolen on Queen Anne, recovered with distinctive “extra” items

12/18/09: 3 break-ins; school scare

12/18/09: More charges, higher bail for vandalism suspect

12/17/09: Graffiti-vandalism suspect arrested

12/17/09: Update on stolen totem pole: No fast re-install

12/16/09: Man stabbed, suspect arrested

12/16/09: Photos of graffiti-vandalism suspect made public

12/16/09: Arrest warrant issued for homophobic-graffiti suspect

12/15/09: Second totem pole mystery solved

12/14/09: Gatewood break-in

12/14/09: Totem note, truck theft, graffiti again

12/13/09: Hit-run reported in WSB Forums

12/10/09: Stolen totem pole recovered … in Oregon

12/10/09: Truck broken into, tools taken

12/9/09: Arrest in totem-pole theft

12/8/09: Door-locking burglar near California/Charlestown

12/7/09: Package theft in Sunrise Heights

12/7/09: More homophobic-graffiti vandalism

12/6/09: Burglary in Highland Park

12/5/09: Stolen baby carrier

12/4/09: Update on missing West Seattle totem pole

12/3/09: First on WSB – West Seattle totem pole missing, reported as stolen

12/2/09: Arrest in February murder of Steve Bushaw

12/2/09: Helicopter search in White Center, explained

11/29/09: Overnight search in Seaview

11/29/09: Car thefts

11/25/09: 6-report roundup

11/25/09: Seen this guy? Police ask for help finding dental-office burglary suspect

11/24/09: Robbery, beating in Highland Park

11/22/09: 2 thefts – 2 violins in 1 case; 1 work truck; both northern White Center area

11/19/09: North Delridge burglary

11/18/09: Car keyed; robbery suspects charged

11/17/09: Stolen van; latest West Seattle crime stats

11/16/09: 4 teenage suspects in custody in connection with serial armed robberies at area convenience stores

11/15/09: Car-prowl alert near WSHS

11/12/09: Burglarized while asleep, and more

11/11/09: Search for an intruder near The Junction

11/9/09: Gatewood car break-in

11/7/09: Turns out there were two store holdups in one night

11/6/09: Tervo’s Mini-Mart robbed for 2nd time in 2 weeks

11/4/09: Home burglarized, coins taken

11/4/09: Chopper search, suspect arrested

11/2/09: Homophobic graffiti vandalism, yet again

11/2/09: Ongoing coverage of the murder of SPD Officer (and WSHS graduate) Tim Brenton

10/30/09: From seattlecrime.com: 2 people hit by BBs

10/28/09: Charges filed against 1 man arrested after Friday carjacking attempt

10/27/09: Teen stabbed, another teen in custody

10/26/09: Stolen bike found, recognized from WSB story, returned to owner

10/25/09: Bike stolen; stolen car found – 3 perspectives

10/24/09: Carjacking attempt, 2 men arrested

10/24/09: Graffiti again; teen robbed; car theft

10/23/09: Strong-arm robbery in The Junction

10/23/09: Miscellaneous, including stolen car found

10/22/09: Robbers target two stores

10/21/09: Stolen pumpkin

10/20/09: West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting: More police

10/20/09: Gas-station store broken into twice in three days; car vandalism

10/20/09: Fairmount Springs fights back

10/17/09: Car stolen; produce stolen

10/17/09: Car-prowl spree

10/15/09: Homophobic graffiti again, and Constellation Park tagging

10/14/09: Burglars target dental offices – 3 in West Seattle, more in North Seattle

10/10/09: Tervo’s Mini-Mart robbed

10/8/09: Storefront art stolen from ex-Tillicum Village HQ

10/7/09: 3 juveniles charged as adults in restaurant-owner knifepoint robbery

10/7/09: Two Gatewood cases – purse-snatching attempt, break-in

10/6/09: July Morgan Junction break-in suspect arrested

10/5/09: Midday break-in, damage done

10/4/09: Circa broken into for the 2nd time this year

10/4/09: Four arrested after Junction holdup

10/2/09: Purse-snatching attempt, house break-in, car break-in attempt

10/1/09: The case of the set-free suspect

9/29/09: Hit and run north of The Junction

9/29/09: Followup on bridge arrests of burglary suspects

9/28/09: Waiter charged with stealing from Salty’s

9/28/09: Burglary suspects nabbed on The Bridge

9/27/09: Car-break-in spree near Westwood Village

9/27/09: Musician’s car broken into

9/26/09: Stadium scare

9/22/09: Yet more citizen crimefighters – tip-jar thief busted

9/22/09: Fed up with school tagging

9/21/09: Suspect charged in “burglarbustindad” case

9/21/09: Neighbors chase suspected prowler on Beach Drive

9/20/09: Hit-and-run in Upper Fauntleroy

9/18/09: Westside Pharmacy robbery suspect arrested after fleeing police near Schmitz Park Elementary (and getting nabbed on school grounds)

9/17/09: Two burglaries, and an update (including the link to TV story about “burglarbustindad”)

9/16/09: Pharmacy held up after its operations shut down

9/16/09: Hit-run at Delridge/Henderson

9/16/09: Victim catches burglary suspect

9/15/09: Updates on concerns at Admiral Pub and South Seattle Market

9/14/09: 2 reports – home, car break-ins

9/13/09: 3 reports – Alki assault, Gatewood burglary, camper top spotted near The Junction

9/9/09: Highland Park woman robbed, tied up by intruders (Slog article; we’ll be looking for the original police report)

9/9/09: Homophobic graffiti in Lincoln Park/Morgan Junction area again

9/8/09: Two robbers blamed for 17 stickups including 3 in West Seattle

9/7/09: Three reports and prevention info

9/5/09: Parking-strip garden vandalized

9/4/09: Bike thieves; muddy-footed burglars

9/1/09: Suspected prowler caught on cam in Junction-area neighborhood

9/1/09: P-Patch pilfering; stolen-car “swap”; more

9/1/09: Posted in WSB Forums: GPS system stolen

8/30/09: Followup: Police say Delridge case was “acquaintance rape” but no arrest yet

8/29/09: Neighbors mobilize after rape report in North Delridge

8/29/09: Admiral incident followup

8/28/09: Admiral gunfire after fight, 1 arrested, 1 to hospital

8/28/09: Break-in reported at The Original Bakery

8/27/09: Home shot at, giant-tire theft, more

8/27/09: West Seattle man pleads guilty in pimping case (that link goes to Seattle Times [WSB partner])

8/26/09: 3 cars targeted – one stolen, one tagged, one broken into

8/26/09: 2 incidents along Fauntleroy Way, including a business break-in attempt

8/25/09: Hit-run sideswipe

8/24/09: Broad daylight break-in in Gatewood

8/24/09: Targeted by taggers, and ticked

8/21/09: Two suspects, at least 8 burglaries

8/19/09: Stolen stroller

8/19/09: Car break-in; vanishing trash can

8/18/09: 2 more break-in reports

8/18/09: Skyelar Hailey in custody after theft reported at WSHS

8/17/09: Rock thrown through window

8/17/09: 2 break-in victims with advice for you

8/16/09: Open door, stolen purse

8/15/09: Car stolen, clues found

8/12/09: Stolen car found; house broken into

8/12/09: 2 car cases – 1 stolen, 1 hit-and-run

8/11/09: Counterfeit money at West Seattle coffee shop

8/9/09: Youngstown Arts Center gorilla-napping

8/8/09: Did West Seattle bank robber strike again in North Seattle?

8/6/09: West Seattle man charged with child-pornography possession, dealing

8/5/09: Two break-ins: One “alarmed,” one not

8/5/09: FBI releases KeyBank robber photo

8/5/09: KeyBank robbed in The Junction

8/3/09: 1 break-in, 1 set of people “casing”

8/1/09: 5 Crime Watch reports, from shots to thefts

7/30/09: 3 Crime Watch reports – for North Delridge, Highland Park, north of The Junction

7/30/09: Police issue citywide alert for burglar targeting seniors

7/28/09: “Crosswalk sting” results

7/27/09: Contractor chases burglars away

7/27/09: “Crosswalk sting”

7/25/09: 6 reports – burglaries, theft, casings – from around West Seattle

7/25/09: Rotary Club of West Seattle canopy stolen

7/24/09: South Park murder suspect arrested

7/23/09: Leschi murder suspect arrested in Pigeon Point

7/22/09: Recycling bin stolen

7/22/09: Morgan Junction suspect identified, sought

7/21/09: Morgan Junction break-in, intense police search/investigation

7/21/09: Burglary encore in Admiral

7/20/09: Sketch, community meeting for South Park stabbings

7/19/09: Police ask for help to solve South Park murder

7/18/09: Burglary + car theft = advice

7/18/09: Second-floor break-in

7/16/09: Photo of “dreadlocked” bank robber, who is now tied to a Maple Valley heist as well as the West Seattle stickup

7/16/09: Fauntleroy stolen-stone saga

7/16/09: What the Schmitz Park-area search was about

7/15/09: Neighbors scare off would-be thief

7/15/09: US Bank in The Junction robbed – update, man who initially was taken into custody has been released, search for robber continues

7/14/09: Break-in “string” alert

7/13/09: Playground purse-snatching reported

7/13/09: Car break-in and aftermath tip

7/11/09: Break-in at Dream Dinners (WSB sponsor) in Jefferson Square

7/11/09: Two incidents with door-to-door links

7/10/09: Westwood Village Alaska USA bank robbery

7/7/09: West Seattle home vandalized by egg-throwers (WSB Forum post)

7/6/09: Gatewood two-time target

7/5/09: Me-Kwa-Mooks “shooting” victim wasn’t shot after all

7/5/09: One car hit again, one stolen car found

7/5/09: Shooting reported at Me-Kwa-Mooks

7/3/09: 2 car break-ins, 1 home break-in

7/2/09: Car break-in at 32nd/Raymond

7/1/09: Teen arrested after police tracked him from West Seattle to North Seattle

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