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Lost or found a pet? E-MAIL INFO/PHOTO TO: editor@westseattleblog.com – plain text with contact #, one JPG photo, no Word/PDF/etc. docs. PLEASE let us know when the situation is resolved, so we can remove the listing. Thanks!

RULES: Please only report “found” pets that are in your custody – if you see a “possible lost pet running around,” check to see if it is reported as lost. If it is, PLEASE contact the owner directly with your sighting – they might not see a comment soon enough. If the pet you found needs medical attention, please get that attention before asking us to post – the pet’s health/welfare matters most. Please do NOT submit a comment with an opinion of the pet, its owner, its circumstances, its breed OR a comment promoting someone who charges $ to search for pets – those will NOT be approved for publication.

NEED URGENT HELP: Thanks to Doug Adams for the list of EMERGENCY PET CARE RESOURCES (Seattle-wide)

ARCHIVES: Everything up to 4/1/2012 ***is here***.

Lab found at Elmgrove/31st – April 23, 2014

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This little girl just showed up at Elmgrove and 31st about 10am 4/23. Pink collar, no tags. 206 228 5293.

Dexter the cat is lost – BACK HOME – April 23, 2014

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(returned by a neighbor; info removed)

Blind basset hound missing – FOUND – April 22, 2014


(see comments)

‘Babycat’ is missing – April 22, 2014

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“Babycat” was last seen on Wed, April 16th near 30th and Othello SW. Please call: 206-932-9143, or e-mail: phyls76@comcast.net, with any information. Thank you.

Gray tabby cat missing – April 21, 2014

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Lost Cat – Young gray tabby, last seen Tuesday morning, April 15th. Lives near corner of SW Genesee St. and 32nd Ave SW. She does not have a collar. She is friendly, but possibly shy. Might be playful around other outdoor cats. Please call Sydney with any information: (206) 240-3172.

Have you seen this dog? – April 21, 2014

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HEO is a 1 and 1/2 year old 32 lb AussiePoo (1/2 Blue Merle Australian Shepherd and 1/2 Poodle) He is white with one partial blue eye with a long silky coat. VERY Friendly and Playful!!
$$ REWARD for finding him
Last Seen on the corner of 55th and Charlestown.
Contact – Alan 206 356 0949

Orange kitty missing – updated with sighting – April 19, 2014

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Update – Please keep an eye out for Raya the cat, who disappeared Sunday, April 6 from our home near 48th Ave SW and Andover SW. Today we got a call that she was seen between 48th and 50th SW on Dawson SW. The person said she looked like she didn’t belong in that neighborhood. By the time I went to go looking for her it was pouring down rain so I’m sure she must be trying to stay dry.

Raya is about 8 years old, a female orange tabby with green eyes, about 10 lbs and has freckles on her nose. She is very shy and doesn’t get along with other cats. She has gotten stuck up a tree before and had to be rescued. No tags but microchipped. Call Heather at 206-265-3041.
Original 4/8 post – Raya the cat disappeared Sunday, April 6 from our home near 48th Ave SW and Andover SW. If she is out at night it is very rare that she isn’t back the next morning.

Raya is about 8 years old, a female orange tabby with green eyes, about 10 lbs and has freckles on her nose. She is very shy and doesn’t get along with other cats. She has gotten stuck up a tree before and had to be rescued. No tags but microchipped. Call Heather at 206-265-3041.

Frankie the gray and white cat is missing – BACK HOME – April 19, 2014


(Info removed; see comment)

Sammy the black cat is missing – April 19, 2014

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2 year old Black Cat named Sammy has not returned home. Been missing since April 18th. We live on Genesee Hill close to 5th and Hillcrest. You will know him by his tail. He had a bout a month ago with another cat or raccoon, not sure which but section on his tail needed stitches and it is not quite all grown back. He is a sweet boy. He is neutered, is chipped and has that ponch stomach. I miss my boy. He is the cat on the left. On the right is his sister that is heart broken. 206 755 5038.

Found cat along Avalon – April 18, 2014

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From Babs: I live on Avalon just down from 7/11/35th and when I came home tonight found this cat sitting out front! Never seen a loose cat here, it’s busy traffic-wise and scary. Checked the blog, it’s not the black cat, called them … It seems young – has a crooked left ear as in the pic. Very sweet cat.
My number is 206 330 1326.

Missing black cat – April 17, 2014

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Missing Black Cat – City Views Apts – Bradford/Avalon 4/15/14

- We live on the second floor of the City Views Apartments #226
- Our black cat “Tram” slipped out and has been missing since yesterday.
- Per building manager she was reportedly seen by tenants both early
morning on 4/15 and later in the day (4pm or so) 4/15 STILL on the second
- She is an older indoor only cat – no collar or tag
- she has gold eyes and one or two white whiskers on her right cheek
- she’s a slim healthy cat weighing about 8 to 9 pounds
- her left nostril sometimes runs as a result of a chronic sinus issue
- we JUST had a flea issue and she was treated 14 days ago with Vectra,
though you may see her still itch here and there as the fleas die or
complete their life cycle before the Vectra kills them
- She has all her claws
- she is generally sweet to strangers and very vocal (will meow a lot)

Tram is VERY VERY dear to us, anything you can do in assisting to bring her
home would be beyond measure. She is part of our family and truly beloved.

Please call 206-407-8304 or 206-383-8304 with ANY information

Lost dachshund near Westcrest Park – April 15, 2014

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Lost white and orange long hair dachshund. She was wearing a pink and white harness. Lost near Westcrest Park. West Seattle. Please contact toobs@comcast.net.

Beau the cat is missing – April 15, 2014

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My name is Christopher – my cat Beau (bow) recently escaped my house. She likes to jump on you while you’re near a counter top. If you have seen any sign of her, please let me know. Last seen around 30th Ave SW and Brandon

2064094200 Chris
8086404949 Aaron

We are both at work but one of us will answer if you’ve seen her !

Missing parrot in White Center – April 14, 2014


My parrot got out Saturday night in the White Center area (4th/102nd). She got spooked and went in the tree which we couldn’t get her down. She is a very sweet, well mannered, sounds like R2D2 from star wars and everyone thinks she is the coolest parrot, she has moved cross country twice with me and has been my best friend for years. I really hope some kind people find her and contact me. She loves pistachios, ice cold water, music, especially guitar. I am offering a reward of $100 to get her home safely. My name is Amy, my cell is 425-445-0761, please text or call anytime.

Missing parakeet in Admiral – April 14, 2014


Sometime in the afternoon of 4/14 (Mon), we lost our green parakeet in the area 1 block northeast of Admiral Junction, the block in front of the library.

Her name is Baby. She’s tame but very shy, and she hasn’t seen outside of the house pretty much ever, so it is not very likely that she’ll come when called. I’m hoping she’ll get tired eventually and find refuge in somebody’s porch/veranda/yard.

Please let us know if you see her somewhere:

(206) 973-2181 – usually available in the evenings, if you get the answering machine, please leave a message or try one of the following

(206) 841-7821 – call or text Jim

(206) 351-2180 – call or text Yuko

Rat Terrier missing, last seen on Harbor Island – April 14, 2014

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Our 8 year old, 8 lb Rat Terrier is missing. Last seen at Vigor Shipyard (1801 16th Ave SW) April 10th. With any information, contact Ron Wohlfrom (206) 707-2699 cell or (206) 463-4148 home. Reward for safe recovery. No questions asked, we just want her home with her family.

White cat found at Lincoln Park – is it yours? – April 14, 2014


(Back home! See comments. Many people helped – thank you.)

Dog found on Hill Street – April 13, 2014

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From Anna: This dog wandered to our house on Hill Street. He is very kind. Please call 206-251-5336.

Sammy the cat is missing – BACK HOME – April 13, 2014

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(info removed)

Two labs found in Seaview – REUNITED – April 12, 2014

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(And they’ve been claimed! Info removed)

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