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Lost or found a pet? E-MAIL INFO/PHOTO TO: editor@westseattleblog.com – plain text with contact #, one JPG photo, no Word/PDF/etc. docs. PLEASE let us know when the situation is resolved, so we can remove the listing. Thanks!

RULES: Please only report “found” pets that are in your custody – if you see a “possible lost pet running around,” check to see if it is reported as lost. If it is, PLEASE contact the owner directly with your sighting – they might not see a comment soon enough. If the pet you found needs medical attention, please get that attention before asking us to post – the pet’s health/welfare matters most. Please do NOT submit a comment with an opinion of the pet, its owner, its circumstances, its breed OR a comment promoting someone who charges $ to search for pets – those will NOT be approved for publication.

NEED URGENT HELP: Thanks to Doug Adams for the list of EMERGENCY PET CARE RESOURCES (Seattle-wide)

ARCHIVES: Everything up to 4/1/2012 ***is here***.

LOST DOG: Tank is missing

Tank is a 5 year old corgi chihuahua mix. He was last seen in White Center on 17th Ave SW near the Taco Bell. If found please call 206-229-5274.

LOST CAT: Seen Tookee?

Our cat Tookee is missing! Grey tabby with white belly.

She is mostly an indoor cat, that wanders around in our yard sometimes, though unfortunately she has gone missing since last night :(

She is a bit skittish , middle aged, quite shy – a weirdo, but we love her and miss her already.

Had a pink collar on with my phone number, not chipped.

206 883 1526

Went missing near Findlay and California Ave SW

LOST DOG: Chui is missing

Our dog Chui has been happy safe and sound for ages. But alas, today he escaped. I’m worried. Notice to anyone who may find him: he has a disc problem in his neck and must be handled very carefully to prevent re-injury. He is extremely friendly. He is microchipped but didn’t have his collar on. You can call me at 206-930-5817 or email janel.mioduszewski@gmail com

LOST DOG: Lucy the pug

Missing from 40th & Alaska; last seen about 3:45 PM on Wednesday, 5/23. Needs medication.
Please call 206 465 4652 if found.

LOST DOG: Medical-alert dog

Hi my medical alert dog got out last night the wind blew the gate open we live at 9824 18th Avenue Southwest I don’t have a phone number at the right now but my email is alhighley82@gmail.com. or you can call my roommate Karen at

LOST CAT: Have you seen Yeti?

Please help! My 2 year old Siamese – Tabby busted through a window and escaped last night. His name is Yeti. He is not wearing a collar. He is very friendly but may run away if approach to quickly. I only ever allow him out on a leash. You may have seen me with him in front of our place on 60th and Alki. Any info much appreciated, I’m beside myself with worry! My # is 612-759-2550. Thank you!

LOST CHICKEN: In Fauntleroy

Lost Chicken: Fauntleroy Area

Hello, we had one of chickens run-away from our house near the Original Bakery. We last saw our hen Monday morning and expect she took flight to our neighboring backyards — we live on the west side of 44th Ave. If any has seen her, please let us know!

(712) 304-0374

FOUND DOG: In Arbor Heights

He’s been running loose for a few days now- an older small, shorthaired, black and white Chi/Terrier mix. He was found off of Marine View Drive in Arbor Heights, down off of 106th SW. He’s safe and secure tonight. Hoping someone knows him as he will go to the Seattle Animal Shelter tomorrow morning. Seems like a sweetheart. Call/text Nancy at 206-285-2209.

FOUND DOG: Lincoln Park

Contact Erik: 360-499-6029

Dog is wearing a cone-shaped recovery collar.
Found at Lincoln Park.
Possibly in contact with a neighbor of the owners, but at this time we have been unable to locate the owners.

LOST CAT: Seen Ricky?

My orange tabby cat Ricky has been missing for a day and a half.. He’s 3 years old, and his tail is a little stubby on the end. He is microchipped. I live near the corner of 50th and Genesee. My phone # is 206-856-7336. Thanks so much!


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(found the same day this was posted – sorry for the late update!)

FOUND DOG: Near Lowman Beach

10:45 am Monday May 22.
Young reddish female dog jumped into our yard located on Beach Drive near Lowman Park.
Very friendly with people & dogs.
Seems to be Labrador type, possibly mixed with something else. Seems young but well behaved/trained.
Wearing distinct plastic snap collar with foxes in an orange/blue pattern.
Call Lisa – (206) 605-1095


(info removed

SAD DISCOVERY: Deceased dog

The finders wanted the dog’s people to know:

White with gray patches, wiry hair, black collar, about 18lbs – husband and I found dog along Delridge just north of Thistle. We assume hit by a car and left, we took him to the Seattle Animal Shelter. If this is your dog, we are so sorry for your loss. Our hearts go out to you and your family.


(info removed)

LOST CAT: Baby Kitty – FOUND

(info removed)

FOUND DOG: Senior, in South Park

I found an elderly dog in South Park on Thursday. It is a medium sized black female. Breed is unknown but has long black fur with browning on the underbelly and white paws. The snout and face have gray. The dog is currently in my care until an owner is found. Dog was found with no collar and has no microchip. It was on the roadside of 8th Ave S near Parksouth apartments at about 6:30 on 5/11. Dog is very nice but underfed and very old (maybe 12?).

Contact info:


(Finders and owners encountered each other – reunited!)

FOUND DOG: Small, white

Small, white with a red harness, no collar or ID tag. I left him/her with homeowners at 39th Ave SW and Marine View Dr SW. 2064461152


(info removed, keeping the photo for possible future reference)

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