West Seattle Lost/Found Pets

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Lost or found a pet? E-MAIL INFO/PHOTO TO: editor@westseattleblog.com – plain text with contact #, one JPG photo, no Word/PDF/etc. docs. PLEASE let us know when the situation is resolved, so we can remove the listing. Thanks!

RULES: Please only report “found” pets that are in your custody – if you see a “possible lost pet running around,” check to see if it is reported as lost. If it is, PLEASE contact the owner directly with your sighting – they might not see a comment soon enough. If the pet you found needs medical attention, please get that attention before asking us to post – the pet’s health/welfare matters most. Please do NOT submit a comment with an opinion of the pet, its owner, its circumstances, its breed OR a comment promoting someone who charges $ to search for pets – those will NOT be approved for publication.

NEED URGENT HELP: Thanks to Doug Adams for the list of EMERGENCY PET CARE RESOURCES (Seattle-wide)

ARCHIVES: Everything up to 4/1/2012 ***is here***.

LOST CAT: Have you seen Malak?

Looking for our cat Malak.
He is a five year old tabby.
He is neutered and has a kink at the end of his tail. Last seen on January 15th.
My number is 2063271384

IS THIS YOUR CAT? Alki area, deceased

Via e-mail: This cat was apparently killed by one of two dogs. Neighbors tried to help but it was too late. The person walking the dogs said they would come back but did not. They were medium dogs. Marguerite Court and 63rd. Animal control is picking it up. Nobody we asked knows whose cat it is. (Editor’s note – Here’s the photo attached to the e-mail. It appears to be a long-haired black cat. We asked a followup question about when exactly this happened but haven’t received a reply, so we’re going ahead and publishing this.)

LOST DOG: Have you seen Chuck?

Missing dog, blue nose pit bull mix “Chuck,” also responds to Choo Choo Bear. 60 lbs, super sweet. Went missing in the White Center area. (206) 354-2055 or (480)244-3244. Reward offered.

LOST DOG UPDATE: Pierre the Pomeranian

Pierre the Pomeranian is still missing, and his person has some new information to share, especially because there have been sightings:

LOST POMERANIAN!! This is Pierre – a 10 pound black and white Pomeranian. We are devastated and really want him back. He went missing on 1/13/18 from the High Point area and was last seen on Tuesday night (1/16) in Morgan Junction – we think he will continue heading west. He is friendly but shy and probably very scared. Please don’t chase him if you see him, but try to coax him to you with food – if that doesn’t work, just keep tabs on him and please contact me right away – day or night. We miss him so much and are so hoping for another sighting. THANKS SO MUCH!!

Text or call Tracy at 206-250-8301

FOUND DOG: Taken to clinic

Dog found on 36th and Findlay that followed my friend. Dog is now at the West Seattle VCA. Tag on it with the name of Rhya. No one is answering at the number on the tag. Very friendly.


This guy has been at my house every day for this whole week so far. I see him whenever I am home (very early mornings, and all afternoon/evening). I’ve had him inside a few times, but I don’t keep him indoors. He has claws, and isn’t neutered, but he is super friendly with me and my immediate neighbors. No collar though, so I’m not sure if he’s actually a pet or not. If nothing else, it would be nice to see him go to a caring home. I’d keep him, but I’m not able to have pets right now. He is in the area of 35th and Thistle. My contact info is 208-830-8921. Text is best.


(Got word on Sunday that Theo’s been found; info removed)

FOUND DOG: On Puget Ridge

Found wandering outside my house on 16th SW near Myrtle, rabies and license tag, no name tag. Please call 206-766-9101. She is in our yard.


(Chauncey turned up back home! Info removed)

FOUND DOG: Taken to clinic – REUNITED

(owner found, info removed)


Male dog was running, up, down and across 35th Ave SW (in traffic) between Dakota and Andover around 4pm this afternoon. Medium sized, possibly a lab/border collie mix. Based on behavior, I would say he is fairly young, but he was very playful and friendly. No collar. I don’t have a fenced-in yard and I have a dog of my own so I couldn’t hold onto him. Took him to Lien Animal Clinic where they determined he is not microchipped. Lien said they would hold onto him for a day or two before calling animal control. (The finder says the dog might live at an address in the 4000 block of 35th SW, where no one was home, but they left a note.)


(Butters is back home; info removed)

LOST CAT: Tortoiseshell – FOUND

(Michi the tortoiseshell is back home; info removed)

LOST DOG: Pierre the Pomeranian

This is Pierre; he’s a black and white Pomeranian and he went missing today, Saturday, January 13th. He was last seen running down 32nd and Juneau in High Point. My contact info is: 2537228289


(Lily is back home; info removed)


(Melody the cat has returned home safely; info removed)


(Puppy reunited with people; info removed)


(Marley the dog’s been found, info removed)

FOUND CAT: Recognize this tuxedo?

This cat has been hanging out on my front porch the last several days. Other neighbors have noticed the same. We think he/she is lost. I’m located near Alki Point on Alki Ave. That’s where the cat is hanging out. I would let him/in but my cat is not liking the visitor. I’m leaving food out for the cat. It will probably be back. Deidre – 206-898-8189


(Whitman, the indoor-only cat accidentally let out, is back home! Info removed)

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