‘Paco’ the dog, missing in Alki area – April 30, 2012 9:57 pm

His name is Paco. Light gray, walked off on Alki. Contact 206-930-7487 asap! If found!!

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  • Long May 1, 2012 (2:56 pm)

    I saved your PACO if he was out last night all night I would be afraid that he would move on to doggy heaven!
    I’m sorry to put it that way but I am glad I decided to go catch him cus he was walking by him self by the cactus and he pooped in front of the art gallery and some lady almost step in his poop after he just took it that be funny if she did step in it lol :) but all is well if I find him again next time I expect a reward! jk I’m glad I can help you get your Paco back.
    I have a cat he’s 14 years old and when I was trying take Paco outside so he can do his thing my cat was outside by the front door so when I had Paco in my hands my cat was being a little punk bully I try to pick my cat up with the other hand but then he started to act up and swat’ed Paco and things were getting out of hand literally so I drop both of them on the ground and I’m in the middle of the door trying to push my cat back in the house but then my cat had other plans and swat’ed at Paco again and stick him in the face a little bit and Paco ran squeal like really loud and this was like 7 am this morning but Paco is a really nice dog all he wants is to sit on your lab and love.

    P.S. please take good care of paco even thow I only had him over the night he was like family to me so please take good care of him! Long&Betsy have a beautiful spring and summer thats coming up and hope to see paco again in the future.

  • Long May 1, 2012 (2:59 pm)

    And one more thing Paco is limbing one of his back legs are messed up take him to the vet get it checked out or just get him some joint juice!

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